What to Do With Leaking Spa Pump?

It happens to everyone who owns a hot tub or spa. You might notice that the spa suddenly needs more water, or that the equipment is getting wet.

The pump shaft is one of the most common parts that can leak in a spa. It's because as it spins around, it produces a lot of friction and heat.

A spa pump can also leak due to a variety of factors. Some of these include freezing and a water hammer effect. Let's delve into 3 places a spa pump could be leaking - and what to do about it.



The mechanical shaft seal is a component of the volute that prevents the shaft from leaking. It provides a secure and free spin for the vehicle.

The spa pump's shaft seals can fail if the valves are not closed while the pump is running. If the water hammer effect occurs, the water will run down the bottom of the volute and dripping off of its bottom center.

We have many different types of shaft seals for different types of pumps. If you need replacement shaft seals for your pump, give us a call or email and we will be glad to help.

To replace a hot tub pump's shaft seal, you need to open its wet end, which is known as the volute. One half of the shaft seal is on the impeller stem, and the other half is on the volute's back.

These components are connected to the motor. After removing them, remove the volute's rubber and ceramic ring. Press the new seal into place. To fit both the spring and the seal, just slide the former off and the new one on. Both should fit very snugly.



A spa union is a type of connector that's made up of white rings that are threaded onto a pump. These rings are used to keep the water flowing and the valves open. In between the two halves is a large ring that can be dislodged if the water gets dislodged.

A leaking union can occur when the threads that are attached to the pump's exit have shrunken or heated up. This can usually happen if the pump is running dry.

One of the first signs of a leak is when the water gets into the pump. This often happens when the union is getting ready to be replaced, and the pump is running.

In either case, you can repair a leaking union by reseating or replacing a worn out union o-ring. Or, you can replace a union half that has shrunk.



The third and final type of spa pump that can cause a leak is the volute. If left full of water, the volute can become cracked and drain the spa.

A volute can also get damaged by a water hammer effect, which occurs when the valves are opened while the pump is running. If this happens to you, then it's time to inspect the volute.

To repair a cracked volute, first replace the parts that are cracked, then buy the entire wet end, which includes the volute halves, impeller, seal, and center discharge wet ends.

Hot tub and spa pump parts are always needed to be dispatched quickly. We have a variety of pumps that are compatible with various brands and models. If your spa pump is experiencing a leak, we recommend getting in touch with us immediately.


  If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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