How to Test Hot Tub Water?

It is important to regularly test the water in your hot tub to avoid peaks and valleys in sanitation and water balance. This is typically done twice per week.

When working with only 300 to 500 gallons of water, it's important to be accurate. If you're going to add chemicals to your hot tub, make sure that they're safe to use. Also, make sure to check the water quality.


GOOD Hot Tub Water Test

A spa test strip is made to work seamlessly with hot water, and they're usually easy to use. There are various options for you to choose from, including strips that measure bromine levels, multi-test strips, and more.

Test strips are very useful tools for keeping your hot tub water balanced. They can be very accurate and cost-effective, but they require a hard-to-quantify color matching scale to be truly reliable.


BETTER Hot Tub Water Test

A better way to test water is to have a more accurate test strip. The AquaChek Trutest Spa digital test strip reader features 16 million colors and is designed to improve the accuracy of test strips.

TruTest strips are more economical to replace than other multi-test strips. They're also easier to keep up with. The AquaChek digital reading device measures total alkalinity, chlorine, and bromine in just seconds.

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BEST Hot Tub Water Test

The easiest way to test hot tub and spa water is with a liquid drop style titration test kit. This method works by taking a water sample and adding a reagent.

You'll then add an indicator drop by drop, which will count the drops until they reach a solid color. Your calcium and alkalinity readings should be within 5 ppm.

It's not much longer than 5 minutes to perform a battery of tests on your hot tub. The booklet will tell you how much chemical to add, and if your balance is off, it will return to its normal state.

A good hot tub water test depends on what you're after. If you're after accuracy, a digital strip reader or a titration kit is the way to go.

If you often check the water, then you should consider using a regular test strip. It's a good idea to save money and doesn't require much maintenance. Also, digital test strips have become more prevalent due to their ease of use and accuracy.


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