What to Do With a Flooded Hot Tub?
Due to the heavy rain that appears on the west coast, many local hot tub owners periodically face the problem of flooded hot tubs.

Due to the damaging effects of storms, many local hot tub owners call emergency repair companies for help and services for damaged vehicles and homes.


What do you do after the storm?

If your spa has already flooded, or it has already started to flood, make sure to keep the power off at the main circuit breaker. Once it has been turned off, perform various steps to keep the spa running smoothly.


Inspect the cabinet equipment bay

If the water in your spa has already receded, use a submersible pump to push the water down from the spa. If the water is still flowing, use a trash bag or sand bag to clean the area around the spa.

When weather permits, open the equipment bay and inspect the damage. Flood waters usually have a clean surface, and they usually mark the location of the waterline. If the waterline is visible, it is time to check if the flood waters have breached the electrical components of the spa.

Most spa pumps and blowers are submerged fairly well once they have been completely dried. If they are fully submerged, they will most likely need to be replaced.

Control panels are typically located on the motherboard, the main circuit board, and the printed circuit board. If the control panel was not energized during a flood event, then it's a better chance of survival.

Open the spa controller and inspect its main board and connections. If there is any damage to the circuit board or the wire connections, it is important to check for signs of corrosion or burn marks.

If your spa has been flooded, make sure that the heaters are protected from harm. They should be safe if they were not powered.


Dry out the cabinet equipment bay

People frequently forget to top-off their hot tub after it gets flooded. This is usually caused by heavy rain or flooding rivers.

A wet or dry vac can be used to clean out the equipment and remove the dirt and water from it. It's also a good idea to dry out the equipment by keeping the door open.

If the water in your hot tub was completely submerged, remove the equipment from the home. This will allow the equipment to be dried more effectively, but some parts may not recover.

You can replace parts of your spa equipment, such as pumps and heaters. You can also repair or replace spa packs controller.

There are also various electrical components in the spa, such as connectors, relays, timers, and switches. These components have to be dry before they can be turned on.


Turn on Power at Circuit Breaker

Once the spa has completely dried out, turn the main spa circuit breaker back on. You will need to flip the secondary cut-off box to the left of the main breaker.

If the spa was damaged during the storm, check the topside control panel for any issues. There are many possibilities to cause these issues.


Circuit Breaker Trips: Circuit breaker trips are usually triggered by damaged equipment or faulty electrical components. Before performing a repair, it's important to check all of the electrical equipment that's connected to the breaker.


GFCI Trips: If the red reset button doesn't pop out after a couple of minutes, it could be caused by the moisture in the room.

If your spa pack has blown on, make sure the fuses are working properly. Also, make sure the circuit board is working correctly.

If your spa pack has blown, make sure that the fuses are working. Also, make sure the circuit board is working correctly.


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