What to Choose: Swimming Pool or Hot Tub?

If you're looking for a great deal on a pool or a hot tub, this is the place to go. With this design, it's possible to enjoy both a swimming pool and a hot tub in one spectacular package.There are some strong opinions regarding the hot tub and swimming pool debate.


What would you rather have: a Pool, or a Spa? Most people would prefer the latter, though some would also like to have both.

Although a lot of people partial to having a hot tub and spa, some would prefer a swimming pool in the ground.If you are a parent, you make sure that your kids learn how to swim.

Some people are getting older and noticing that hot tubs seem to fit their lifestyle better. For some, a pool would be too much for their house.

A simple spa takes around 5 minutes to take care of. A swimming pool, on the other hand, takes about an hour to maintain.

The cost of operating a pool is higher than most other types of aquatic facilities. Pool owners say that they spend at least $1000 a year on running the pumps, maintaining the chemicals, and making small repairs.

Let's start a Study of Preference! Which would you rather have: a Pool or a Hot Tub?


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