What is the Best Diving Board?

Diving boards are fun additions that can transform your pool into a playground for both adults and children. And no one can deny it: there’s no feeling in the world like jumping on a diving board, feeling the air swooshing as you make your way up, and then cannonballing in the pool with a large splash.

The diving boards on the market contain unique features that include:

- Stands made of stainless steel providing strength, powder coated to prevent corrosion, equipped with springs to offer good jump quality

- Diving boards made of proprietary designs offering safety, grip and soft feel on feet

So, if you made a decision of purchasing a diving board, first of all, you need to put certain safety precautions in place as well. However, you need not worry as the market offers diving boards that are safe, comfortable and easy on the feet to dive off.

We know that with the wide range of products available in the market, it is difficult to choose the best one to suffice your needs. For your convenience, we’ve done the hard work for you and found 5 of the best diving boards on the market.



1. S.R. Smith Frontier II Diving Board

The S.R. Smith Frontier II board and stand combo uses only the highest quality materials to guarantee a fantastic diving experience. The base is made of powder-coated steel, while the board itself is coated with acrylic to prevent scratching and damage. Thanks to this, Frontier II boards are among the most reliable diving boards for inground pools that you can get.

It’s worth noting that the Frontier II has a jump stand with a highly flexible base, meaning you will get an impressive bounce every time. Finally, this top rated residential diving board is covered by the patented SureFoot tread that prevents accidental slipping and keeps you safe.


- Board and stand combination

- High-strength steel is powder coated for long product life

- Board has a matching, SureFoot non-slip tread for maximum safety

- Contains the diving board, stand, and all necessary hardware required for installation.

- S.R.Smith has been the leading diving board manufacturer for over 80 years


2. S.R. Smith Fibre Dive Replacement Diving Board

The Fibre-Dive Board comes designed with a matching SureFoot tread that doesn’t slip, ensuring maximum safety.

The board will retrofit perfectly onto Flyte - Deck II as well as U-Frame stands. Designed with safety in mind, the hardware is made of high-grade stainless steel that is finished to resist corrosion.

This replacement Fibre -Dive has probably the longest board on the market. You have a choice between three size versions – the 6 feet model, 8 feet model, and the 10 feet model.

The platform comes in 6 different colors. You have a choice between radiant white, pebble, marine blue, taupe, pewter gray, and gray granite.

For replacement, ensure the old board is from the same brand – S.R. Smith – as this one for perfect fitting. Ensure your pool exceeds or meets the size requirement for dive boards. Installing a wrong stand and board combination can be fatal or lead to serious injury.


- Matching tread

- SureFoot non-slip tread for maximum safety

- The Fibre-Dive board retrofits onto the Flyte-Deck II and U-Frame style stands

- Stainless steel hardware - resists corrosion

- WARNING: Make sure your pool meets or exceeds size requirements for this board - Using the wrong board/stand combination may result in death or serious injury.

- It’s important that your replacement diving board is from the same brand/manufacturer as the one being replaced

- Corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware is included


3. S.R. Smith 68-207-5762B Salt Pool Jump

Are you looking for the ultimate diving board to purchase? If your answer is a resounding yes, then this product is the best to purchase. It is from the World’s best manufacturing company, S.R Smith. They include a nice design, sturdy construction, and amazing performance. Get one of these diving boards today for a bigger and better experience.

This product is the ultimate pool jump system that you can purchase. It guarantees your security. Not to mention, the fun. It features five color options. As a result of that, you can choose the ultimate color. The wide stepping area adds to its stability. It measures up to 6 feet.

S.R. Smith diving board has a high rating of 3.8 stars. Customers love the design, stability and sturdy construction of the item. It also has easy to use settings.


- Got Salt? If so, then grab this new corrosion-resistant jump board, spring and stand set

- Each diving board features a high-grade, slip-resistant tread surface for maximum safety

- Unique texture provides exceptional launching grip that's easy on the feet

- Revolutionary TrueTread surface provides a modern, sporty look & feel

- Available in 6' and 8' lengths

- Salt Pool Friendly


4. S.R. Smith Cantilever Jump Stand with 6-Feet Frontier III Diving Board

The cantilever style board from S.R. Smith is one of the premium models that this company offers. This particular option is a board and stands combination, and it is an option that you won’t be replacing for a very long time. The high strength steel is powder coated so that regardless of the weather conditions, your swimming pool will have a diving board for years to come.

As with most of the S. R. Smith boards, this product has a non slip trip that keeps it extremely safe, even when it is getting quite a bit of use. If you are looking for something that has longevity and comes as one complete package, this is a great choice.


- Board and stand combination

- High-strength steel is powder coated for long product life

- Board has a matching, SureFoot non-slip tread for maximum safety

- Contains the diving board, stand, and all necessary hardware required for installation.

- S.R.Smith has been the leading diving board manufacturer for over 75 years


5. Inter-Fab DB8WW Diving Board Replacement

Inter-Fab DB8WW is another top-selling diving board on the market today. This Duro Beam is constructed with 2 extra strong Douglass fir coated wood central runners with a resin protecting outer covering as well as fiberglass for superior strength. Its outer shell is made of long-lasting UV protected acrylic material with a non-slip sand strand surface for additional safety.

The board also comes pre-drilled with 2 holes and rust-free stainless steel hardware. The best thing, you can choose among 4 colors: gray with gray surface tread, tan with tan surface tread, blue with white surface tread, or white with a white surface treat. Suitable for light to moderate residential use, the board can hold a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

The other great feature of this board is that it comes with clear instructions on how to assemble it or you can simply visit inter-fab.com to watch installation videos. The unit is made in the US and comes with a 3 years warranty.


- Comes with a 3 years warranty.

- Perfect for residential use.

- Comes with clear instructions.


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