What Is the Best Chlorine Floater?

When it comes to contributing to a cleaner and friendly pool, chlorinating is what you need.Chlorine is a staple part of a pool maintenance schedule because it is a powerful chemical that sanitizes and maintains a pristine swimming pool.

However, If you have once used this chemical, you should understand that chlorine can be a tricky chemical to add. You would want to be sure the chemicals are evenly distributed around the pool.

Chlorine tabs make it easier to keep your pool sanitized and clean while maintaining the perfect pH level. Putting the tabs inside the best pool chlorine dispenser makes the work easier and less stressing.

The dispenser floats on the water and steadily dispense chlorine to keep ensure it’s at the right levels.

The devices are remarkably simple: Place your favorite chlorine tablet inside, close and seal the dispenser, turn the collar to set how much chlorine is released, and drop the dispenser in the water to let it do its thing.

With the wide range of products available in the market, it is difficult to choose the best one to suffice your sanitizing needs. For your convenience, we’ve found the best 8 Chlorine Floaters to take your pool maintenance to a new level.



1. AquaAce Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser

AquaAce Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser is a pool dispenser constructed following a classic design with a locking cap on the top. What makes it special is the fact that it is not affected by UV rays.

There are totally 15 vents in the adjustable flow control system, which allow you to deliver the same amount of chlorine as you expect. Being famous for durability, the floating chlorine feeder is super strong and it can suffer different weathers.

The AquaAce Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser is easy to use, which is a satisfying point to most users. Trusted by millions of people, the product has made a name for itself on the market.


-  Holds up to 5 chlorine tablet sizes up to 3” (tablets not included)

-  Easy twist ring allows control of 15 vents for increased flow control

- Strong, durable, and classic design with locking cap

- DIMENSIONS: 7.2" x 7.2" x 7.0"


2. Swimline HydroTools Adjustable Floating Pool Dispenser

Swimline is a simple chemical dispenser checks all the boxes when it comes to the task of sanitizing your pool. The Hydrotools dispenser is made to dissolve chlorine and bromine tablets that are an inch or three inches large and can be adjusted to pump out chemicals at a custom rate.

With a clean blue and white design, the Hydrotools chemical dispenser is a good-looking and painless way to keep your pool clean and sanitized.


- Sport type: Fishing

- Floating chlorine dispenser

- Heavy duty design holds 1 Inch or 3 Inch chlorine tablets

- Has a locking cap and adjustable control ring


3. Life Deluxe Pool Chlorine, Bromine Floating Tablet Dispenser

The Life Deluxe chlorine dispenser can be used on a spa, hot tub, or small pools for slow dissolving chlorine, bromine, or oxygen tablets.

This dispenser makes use of 1-inch bromine or chlorine tablets and has a large basket that can hold up to 6 tablets at once.

The design offers easy access to your chlorine or bromine tablets and can be easily refilled without having to readjust the feeder.

Most importantly, the convenient tie string allows you to keep the dispenser in place, preventing it from getting sucked-up by the skimmer.

In the quest of getting a model that appropriately and continually feeds the right amount of chemical to your pool, this would be the right choice.

Above all, this product is very much affordable and durable and can serve you for years without complaint.


- Floating chemical dispenser for chlorine or bromine 20g tablets (30mm diameter)

- Comes with anchor chord to prevent it floating away

- Adjustable feeder settings for correct chemical dosage for size of tub

- Locking ring and this dispenser can hold up to 6 tablets at onece

- Supplied with a handy suggested feeder settings chart.


4. Milliard Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser

Every pool owner should be highly aware of the need to chlorinate his pool regularly to maintain the water’s purity. Forget all about the time-consuming task because the Milliard Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser now becomes an assistant that will take care of your swimming pools!

The Milliard Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser is made from durable ABS plastic. Refilling the feeder’s tank is no longer a pain in the neck as this chlorinator offers extra storage capacity.

If tablets dissolving overnight makes you worry, this dispenser will be a perfect solution to your problem.

One thing that can distinguish the Milliard Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser from other feeders is the thermometer inside. Temperatures of the water are measured not only in °F but also in °C. Sounds amazing, right?


- Dispenser accepts 1 and 3 chlorine tablets with storage for up to five tabs at once

- Built-in thermometer is 5 long and reads temps in both F° and C°

- Made from durable ABS plastic to last from season to season.


5. Rise8 Pooltanic Chlorine Dispenser and Floating Iceberg Thermometer

Titanic was one of the biggest movies all-time at the box office, and now you can take the story home to your pool with this hilariously designed thermometer and chemical dispenser set by Rise8 Studios. The dispenser is a plastic model of the Titanic, and can hold three 3” bromine or chlorine tablets at a time.

The thermometer is that fated iceberg, and both are UV-resistant and made of durable rust-free plastic. The chlorine dispenser can be adjusted from half to full dispersal, and the set comes with a cord to keep the boat and iceberg together, not only in infamy and lore, but also in your pool or spa. Combine the benefits of a floating pool dispenser along with a pool thermometer to keep your pool or hot tub clean and comfortable.


- Where to, Miss? To the pool... With This Awesome Pooltanic Chlorine Floater AND Iceberg Thermometer

- Large Capacity- Holds Up to Three 3" Chlorine Tablets and Looks Great in the Pool or Spa

- Adjustable- Simply Turn the Ring to Adjust the Flow of Chlorine from 1/2 to Full

- The Included Cord Attaches the Boat to the Iceberg (optional) So They Float Around Together

- The Iceberg Non-Mercury Floating Thermometer is Included. Both Feature UV Resistant Paint


6. Game Derby Duck Pool Chlorine Dispenser

The Game Derby duck pool chlorine dispenser comes with the perfect balance between fun and utility. It is an energy-efficient way to keep your pool properly chlorinated because it is solar-powered. It has an adjustable chemical dispensing rate so that you can manage the perfect chemical balance and it is the perfect addition if you have kids. 

When it is empty, it will tip over to indicate it needs a refill. It holds up to 6 chlorine tablets that are 3 inches long. The Game Derby Duck Pool is more than any other regular pool dispenser, which means that you won’t have to worry about refilling it often. It is perfect for swimming pools of multiple sizes and designs.


- The GAME Solar Light-Up Derby Duck Pool Chlorinator is an energy-efficient way to keep your inground or above-ground pool properly chlorinated.

- This chlorine dispenser for hot tubs and pools is solar-powered. The solar panels charge the LED lights during the day, then automatically activate at dusk for up to 8 hours of brilliant light with a full charge.

- To ensure your chlorine swimming pool receives the right amount of chlorine, we’ve designed this pool chlorinator to have an adjustable chemical-dispensing rate (determined by the size of the pool).

- The GAME solar-powered chlorinator holds up to six 3-inch chlorine tabs (not included). The solar duck floater tilts or tips over once all of the chlorine tablets have dissolved and it needs to be refilled.

- Our chlorine basket can be purchased as our Derby Duck or a cute tiki, globe, pineapple, or volcano. It’s perfect for above-ground and inground chlorine pools of multiple sizes.


7. WWD POOL Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser

The mini floating chlorine dispenser serves well for pools like spas. More so, it can also be suitable for inflatable, inground or above-ground pools. As much as the product is inexpensive, it effectively keeps your pools away from algae and bacteria.

The adjustable window not only allows you to control the number of chlorine tablets you put in, but also enable it to disperse chlorine to your pool slowly.

From the design aspect, the dispenser can only hold 3” chlorine or bromine tablets. The materials are durable and can work well enough to keep your pool away from algae for at least two weeks.


- Holds Up to 4pcs Chemical tablet

- Tablet size up to 3" ( Tablets not included ).

- Easy Adjustable twist ring allow the current chemical to be dispensed

- Made with High Quality ABS Marital to last for years.


8. Poolmaster Chlori-Critter Floating Chlorine Dispenser

The Poolmaster Chlori-Critter Floating Chlorine Dispenser is made from non-corrosive polypropylene with telescoping chlorine-control. The feeder can last for a long time.

The chlorinator comes in five models mimicking distinguishable animals. While the character floats on the water surface, the tank where chlorine gases are distributed sinks to the depth of 7 inches. The animal characters will also do away with uninvited critters.

The adjustable ring smooths the regulation of the flow rate. This dispenser costs less than $25.


- A few creative shape that will provide you more fun

- Completely adjustable for choosing the level

- Non-corrosive and long-lasting


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