What I Should Do When My Winter Cover Gets Damaged

You want to make sure that your pool is going to last for years. You’ve followed proper care procedures to keep it looking its best. You’ve done all that you can to prepare for the winter season and keep your pool looking its best.

Unfortunately, there are times when bad luck can get the best of us. It can happen in an instant, and it can happen even without warning. It's a bit sad when your winter cover gets damaged.

But if you understand the main causes of and solutions for pool cover damage during the winter is the first step forward to pool repair.


Pool Cover Damage

Winter’s harsh weather can cause pool covers to get stretched. This is because the weight of the materials can make them hard to handle.

Causes of pool cover damage include:

  • Harsh winter winds and storms knocking debris on the cover, causing tears
  • Wildlife falling through or otherwise damaging the cover
  • Snow and freezing rain weighing down the cover, causing it to sink into the pool
  • Condensation and moisture freezing on the surface, creating sharp edges that can cut the cover

Winterizing your pool can help prevent damage caused by the harsh weather. This is also a good idea if you live in a region that experiences harsh winters.


What Shall I Do?

Aside from keeping the pool cover in place, this can also help prevent further damage. If it gets damaged, there are also various ways to fix it. A pool cover patch is a quick fix for minor tears and cuts. They can be easily changed to prevent them from getting in the pool.

If the damage is severe enough, it should be replaced or repaired. It should be sent in for repair once it has been cleaned and marked with a chalk outline.

Even though it’s not used during the winter season, pool covers and their components need to be taken care of to make them last through the summer. If your pool cover has been damaged or dislodged, call your pool care experts to have it repaired. They can help you get back to enjoying the pool again.


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