Weighing Down Your Pool Steps

Pool steps are easy to assemble and come in a large variety sure to fit your pool and personal style. Weighing down your pool steps is a pivotal point when assembling your steps. Ensuring your steps are properly secure and stable will prolong the life span of your steps and maintain safe conditions throughout.

1. Materials Needed: Sand (amount is dependent on the model step), Funnel

2. Because each pool step is different, you must first locate where the hole or cavity area is placed on the step. It may have a cavity area in the actual step.

3. Some steps place the cavity area on the side railings. You must determine which step you own before you begin the weighing down process.

4. Next, depending on your pool step's make and model, the amount of sand needed to weigh down your pool step varies.

5. Using your funnel to direct the sand, pour the necessary amount of sand into the opening. Continue filling the cavities until you reach the top.

6. Close the cavities with the caps designed to fit into the openings.

7. Next, place the steps back into the pool to check to see if they stay submerged in the pool. If the steps stay in place, simply position in the location of your choosing.

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