How Do Pool Bubblers Work?

This guide explains you how a Bubbler operates and is installed in a pool with a shelf. Bubblers create columns of water off a shelf in your pool. They generally have to be included in the initial design of your pool which includes the shelf and installation of the Bubbler fixtures into the shelf. 

1. INSTALL PIPING TO BUBBLERS - Dedicated piping has to be installed for each of the pool's Bubblers. Some Bubblers incorporate lighting. If you have two Bubblers with lighting, you will need to lay out two water lines and two power lines.

2. INSTALL BUBBLER FIXTURES - This is a picture of a Bubbler imbedded in the pool shelf. It has been connected to the water and power piping.

3. INSTALL BUBBLERS - The top of the Bubbler looks like this. Water is pushed out the center hole and lighting emits from around the outside circumference. The Bubbler top is attached to the light fixture.

4. INSTALL DIVERTER VALVES TO BUBBLERS - The amount of water flowing to the Bubblers is controlled by Diverter Valves shown in the picture. The two pipes to the Bubblers are labeled Bubbler1 and Bubbler2. Valve 4 is used to balance the height of the two Bubblers. Valves 2 and 3 control the amount of flow that will be diverted to the Bubblers which determines the height of the Bubblers.

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