Tuning Up of A Polaris 280/180

If your Polaris 280 pool cleaner is not working properly, you can replace it by following the simple step-by-step instructions provided in this guide. A Polaris 280 tune-up kit will have all the parts you’ll need to get your pool cleaner running like new. 

1. Turn off the booster pump and remove the cleaner from the water. Disconnect the hose from the head of the cleaner. Ideally you may want to let the cleaner dry before working on it.

2. Mark the position of the head float on the feed mast then remove the head float.

3. Next, remove the bag from the head of the cleaner.

4. Makes sure to mark the position of the sweep hose adjustment screw with a marker before removing it.

5. To remove the sweep hose, pull the clamp apart. Once the clamp is off, you can pull the hose off.

6. Remove the top half of the cleaner. There is a single screw that holds it in place.

7. Label the single side and front double side wheels so that once removed you can tell them apart. Note the position of the axles when you take off the wheels.

8. Remove the axle screws and the wheel assemblies for the three large wheels.

9. Set the screws and axle plates aside for reassembly.

10. Remove the turbine cover. You can place it off to the side with the hose still attached. Set the screws and turbine cover aside for reassembly.

11. Remove the turbine and shaft shield. Retain the shield and two screws.

12. Remove the screws for two turbine bearings. Retain the screws.

13. Next remove the drive shaft assembly.

14. Place the new turbine bearings and drive shaft assembly into position and replace the four screws. The “Made in USA” should be facing outwards.

15. Do not remove the clear covers on the drive shaft, they are designed to ensure proper turbine spacing.

16. Re-install the turbine cover using the three screws that were removed earlier.

17. Using two screws, re-install the turbine shield. The lip on the turbine shield goes under the turbine cover.

18. Lay the old front double side wheel next to a new wheel/sand guard assembly. Point the axle on each wheel in the same direction.

19. Install the new front double side wheel with the axle plate and the new lock washers. Make sure the grooves in the axle line up with the ribs on the frame. Leave the screws loose enough to adjust the wheel position.

20. Adjust the wheel so the spline of the drive shaft assembly engages 3/4 of the wheel gear teeth. It is easier to see the engagement if you peel back the tire.

21. To test the wheel placement, spin the wheel; it should spin freely. Also, hold the wheel and quickly rotate it back and forth. The gears should not slip or chatter.

22. Repeat steps 19-21 for the single-side wheel.

23. Align the threads on the frame and install the rear wheel assembly (this wheel does not have a sand guard) using the axle plate and lock washers.

24. The longest part of the wheel axle should point toward the rear of the cleaner. Leave the screws loose enough to adjust the wheel position.

25. Install the new idler wheel onto the swing axle on the bottom. Use the new wheel washer and plastic wheel screw. Do not over tighten the screw; the wheel should spin freely.

26. Slide the rear wheel forward until it just contacts the idler wheel and tighten the axle block screws. When you spin the rear wheel, it should slip slightly against the idler wheel. When you spin the front wheel, all the wheels should spin freely.

27. Re-install the blue top. Do not over tighten the screw.

28. Screw the sweep hose adjustment screw into place. Attach the new sweep hose with the attach clamp.

29. Position the new head float to the mark on the feed mast.

30. Position the thrust jet straight back and tighten the screws.

31. Lastly, attach the new all-purpose bag.

32. Your tune-up is now complete and you Polaris 280 is ready for a swim.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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