How to Change diving board bolts

In this "how to" we will guide you through how to replace diving board bolts. One of the keys to a safe diving board experience is a secure board. The bolts on a diving board need to be maintained or replaced depending on wear and tear. A safe diving board is a fun diving board!

1. Before we begin replacing the diving board bolts we will want to make sure that our diving board is structurally sound otherwise. If your board has hairline cracks in the surface coating, a fracture to the boards main plank or a worn/slippery runway you may need more than bolts to make your diving board safe.

2. When removing any hardware please secure the board to the base using a vice or clamp. This will prevent the board from any uncontrolled movements after the bolts are removed.

3. After determining the bolts are the root of your issue we need to locate and begin to disassemble the bolt assembly. These bolt assemblies may vary slightly from manufacture to manufacture but they are generally similar. Depending on your board there maybe two to up to four bolts that need to be replaced.

4. Remove the rubber bolt booty on the underside of the board.

5. Over time your diving board bolts may have become corroded or bonded together. We will want to release this bond by spraying some lubricant like WD-40 to loosen its grip on the bottom hex nut.

6. Once this nut is off the bolt Lock Washer, Flat Washer (Stainless Steel), Flat Washer (Nylon) should follow. A slight jiggling of the bolt should shake them from their position if they're stubborn.

7. Finally we get to remove the bolt itself. Using the bottom stem of the bolt you can push up until the recessed bolt cap can be gripped for removal. If you cannot remove the bolt by hand, use a tamping tool such a small rubber mallet to loosen its grip. Repeat the above steps for all the remaining bolts.

8. Once the bolts are removed we will want to check the diving board holes for any damage. If you notice any hairline fractures you may need to mend the board or replace completely.

9. First we will want to assemble the bolt and recessed mounting washer. Pop the cap off the top of the washer and slide the bolt through the center then re-attach the lid.

10. Next place the black rubber washer over the bolt hole on the board. These washers create a buffer between the board and recessed washer to prevent any fusing or undue stress.

11. Insert the bolt into this diving board bolt hole.

12. From the underside of the board we will want to place the following pieces onto the bolt in the respective order: Nylon Washer, Stainless Steel Washer, Slit Locking Washer then finally the Hex Nut. This order must be followed or improper installation may void warranty. If your diving board has varying parts please consult your owner's manual.

13. Tighten the hex nut onto the bolt until the lock washer is flush with the stainless steel flat washer.

14. Lastly, place the white rubber booty over the exposed bolt ends. This protects the bolt from the weather and covers of the bolt to prevent any injury to swimmers.

15. When all board board bolts are secured, you may then remove the clamp holding the board in place.

16. Use a weight to test the board before any swimmers step foot on the new installation. If you notice any bolt jiggle or wobble from the board repeat the above steps.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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