Troubleshooting of a Goldline/Hayward Pool Valve Actuator

Sometimes your GVA-24 Goldline/Hayward Pool Actuator will malfunction. This guide explains how to resolve some of the issues that prevent your Valve Actuator from performing correctly.

1. ACTUATOR HANDLE OSCILLATES - If you see the handle on your Actuator oscillating back and forth, it may be that the Actuator's two O-rings are not lubricated sufficiently.

2. ACTUATOR RUNS BUT VALVE DOES NOT TURN - If you see that the Actuator Motor is running freely but the diverter valve does not turn, the Actuator Shaft is probably in manual mode and the gear train in the Actuator is disengaged. To engage the gear train, pull up on the Handle and rotate the Handle until it clicks. Then tighten the Locking Knob.

3. ACTUATOR DOES NOT RUN - If the Actuator does not turn over, first check that the Actuator Toggle Switch is in one of the "ON" positions - either ON1 or ON2. Then use a multimeter to check the voltage to the Actuator. If there is no power to the Actuator, check the 24V power source. If you do see the power to the Actuator, the motor in your Actuator may have failed and will have to be replaced.

4. BAD SWITCHES - There are two SS-5GL13T switches that cut off power when the valve hits its final position. If either of these switches fails, it can stop the actuator from moving. Replace the faulty switch..

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