Top Romantic Hot Tub Ideas
This year, instead of just celebrating Valentine's Day and going out to dinner and a movie, why not try something a little different? We've come up with an alternative that's more relaxing and romantic.

A hot tub is a perfect romantic location. The lack of clothing and the closeness of the water can create an intimate atmosphere, making it a great date night.


The Spa-postal

The beginning of the romance begins with an elegant invitation. A well-designed invitation elevates the occasion and builds anticipation.

- Hand-written invitations, hand delivered on fancy stationery is hard to resist. It's an overture that will melt his/her heart.

- Post-it Notes- Put your proposition in a fancy script over many Post-it notes and place them in various locations around the house.

- Send flowers in advance for a local florist. You can also write a heartfelt message for your beloved using this feature.

- Gift wrap a robe and slippers, a new bathing suit or some other nice gift. Include your date night invitation inside the box.

- Print two tickets to a "hot show" or make your own design with an image editor. Or, Spell it out with sweets and write your proposal on a Valentine's heart.

Like any good invitation, it should have a specific date and time. Be sure to include a photo or two, and maybe even a note from the heart. A "Hot Tub Heaven" or "Evening Under the Stars" will help draw more attention and excitement. It will also help you plan your date's evening.

The gift comes before the event, so it's a pre-gift. You can also combine it with the "ask" in various clever ways.

- Fluffy robes - Soft, matching robes and slippers. Bonus if you buy two sets so you match each other.

- Blooming flowers - A bouquet of his or her favorite flowers is still one of the most romantic and sensual gifts you can give.

- Chocolate dipped fruits and berries, or go for the traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates.

- Romantic apparel - For her, a new spring hat or summer dress. For him, a sports jacket, cap or pair of nice shoes.

- Watches and jewelryTake photos of their favorites and visit a local mall to find similar pieces. A new watch or a piece of jewelry is a great Valentine's Day gift.

The pre-gift is an important aspect of the evening's excitement, as it can be anything from a simple gift to something extravagant.



Setting the Mood

The mood for the evening is also key to setting the tone for your spa experience. While it’s important to set the mood for the evening, it is also possible to make the hot tub more romantic by adding a few decorative elements.

- Soft music and soft lighting - Play some romantic music with Bluetooth speakers and set up a path around the tub.

- Rose petals- Create a path for rose petals to lead to the spa. Set aside petals to add to the water before entering the tub.

- Tropical plants - Add a few large green tropicals or flowering plants around the spa to soften the view and add some natural flora.

- Aromatherapy - An aromatic bath or spa crystal can help enhance the senses and promote relaxation. It's a great way to get the five senses into the same!

- Bottle of champagne, chilling in an ice bucket, with two (plastic) champagne flutes. Classically romantic.

- Hang curtains - If your spa is located in the open, then hang curtains around the spa. These are typically made from bed sheets or sheer fabric.

Having a few conversations planned out can help keep things light and fun. It can also help keep things interesting. Having a few laughs can also help keep things going.



Planning the Food

For quick and easy snack food, I always recommend fruits and vegetables. These are healthy and are best enjoyed with a splash of color.

- Al fresco dining by candlelight - Set up a table for two on your patio, and enjoy the starlight overhead.

- Private dining by candlelight in the comfort of your own home.

- Private sunset picnic at the beach, lake or your favorite scenic overview.

- Appetizer smorgasbord - Fill a large platter with your favorite restaurant style appetizers.

- Breakfast for dinner - After soaking in the hot tub, jump in the car to go to IHOP or a small local diner.

- Dinner with friends- Before kicking off your romantic evening at home, plan an intimate Valentine's dinner party with a few of your closest friends and their partners.

Treat yourself to a hot tub this Valentine's Day and make it a special occasion. It's a great way to spend quality time with someone special.


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