Top-rated clarifiers for hot tub

Hot tub clarifiers are designed to do three things: clear up cloudy water, increase the performance of your filter, and keep the pH balance intact. We've rounded up our favorite clarifiers fulfills all three of these goals:


1. Clorox Spa Water Clarifier

Use Clorox spa water clarifier to keep spa and hot tub water sparkling clear. Small particles are combined to be easily removed through the filtration system.


- Combines small particles into larger masses for easy filter removal

- Makes water crystal clear

- Safe for all spa types

- No assembly required


2. Spa Selections Clarifier for Spa & Hot Tub

Soak in crystal clear water with the Spa Selections Clarifier. Containing essential oils to condition the water, Spa Selections Clarifier restores clarity to water by coagulating suspended particles so they can then be filtered from the spa water.


- Destroys organic material in your spa or hot tub water so you can fully enjoy your jacuzzi all season long

- For best results use once a week; Add 2 oz. per 250 gallons of spa water; Pour into the spa with the circulation system running; Run system for one hour

- Great for most spa and hot tub systems with bromine sanitizers; For best results, use with other Spa Selections pool care products

- Fast acting; Easy to use; Clarifies water

- One 1-lb container of non-chlorine shock oxidizer, pool care chemicals for your spa or hot tub


3. SpaGuard Spa Water Clarifier - 1 Pint

SpaGuard Spa Water Clarifier 1pt. SpaGuards Water Clarifier enables spa owners with a simple, effective clarifying treatment that brings back the sparkling clear water your spa used to have. Water Clarifier's powerful liquid formula attracts water contaminants too small for filters to detect, allowing these small particles to become large enough for spa filters to trap and remove. This treatment also has the added benefit of not affecting your spas pH level, which allows you worry-free application.


- Makes cloudy water sparkling clear.

- Increases filtration.


4. MAV AquaDoc Spa Clarifier & Hot Tub Clarifier for Fast Acting Cloudy Water Treatment

Eliminate cloudy water, extend your filter life, and keep your pH balanced with our Spa Water Clarifier. Restore hot tub water clarity with the best spa clarifier for hot tubs.


- How it works - AquaDoc's spa clarifier attracts micro dirt particles together, almost like a magnet, so that they can be caught by the hot tub filter. This clarifies your hot tub and extends your cartridge filter life.

- The Spa Water Clarifier Hot Tub Owners Love - When it comes to Spa Chemicals Clarifier is one of the most important spa chemicals to keep your spa clear of dirt & foam. Our Spa Chemicals clear your water fast so you can enjoy your hot tub sooner than later.

- Easy to use, Fast Acting Spa Water Clarifier - Simply add 2oz of our super water clarifier for every 800 gallons of water while the blower, or hot tub jets, are on, and turn on the filtration system until the water is clean and clear. Use 2 times per week.


5. AquaAce Spa Hot Tub Water Clarifier, 32 Ounces, Made in USA, Clears Cloudy and Hazy Water Fast

AquaAce Spa Water Clarifier is designed to keep your spa water sparkling clear. Cloudy and hazy spa water is caused when there are particles in your spa that are too small to be filtered out. AquaAce Spa Water Clarifier helps small particles combine into larger particles that can be filtered out to keep your spa clean and clear.


- Clears cloudy and hazy water quickly so you can get back in your spa or hot tub and enjoy

- Uses polymeric flocculant to help your filter remove small particles it normally cannot remove resulting in clean and clear water

- Can be used with sanitizers likes chlorine, bromine, biguanide, and ozone

- Made in USA

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