Top 7 Winter Hot Tub Tips

During winter, hot tubs are usually the best option for soaking in. Although it's rare to find snow in most areas, hot tub baths can be enjoyed during winter months in warm places like Southern California.

Although it's cold outside, a hot tub in colder places is still a great way to enjoy the winter season. Since it's cooler, the stars are brighter, and the air is crisper.

With our help you'll enjoy the warmth of your hot tub all winter long. We've rounded up a list of handy tips to enjoy your hot tub in winter!


1. Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat helps keep your hair dry and cool while you're in the hot tub. It also helps regulate your body temperature. A hat is important for keeping your head warm and dry. It can also help keep your body heat at the top of your head.


2. Use Facial Moisturizer

Protect your skin from the harsh winter winds with a layer of moisturizer. It helps keep the skin hydrated and prevents the buildup of oil and dirt.


3. Wear Sandals or Slippers

Most outdoor spas are at least ten steps away from the door. A runway on the other hand, will help make the dash to the door a bit easier. Wearing shoes that are designed for these conditions can help keep your toes warm and dry as you travel to and from the spa. They can also help keep the floors from getting slippery.


4. Warm Towels

A towel warmer is a great accessory to keep warm and dry towels in the bath. It's a simple and elegant way to keep towels organized and ready to use. Before washing, pop some towels in the dryer and store them in a cool, plastic box or cooler. Then, put some microwaveable heating pads inside the box.


5. Cool Umbrellas

Having a patio umbrella near the spa is a good idea if you're planning on attending a party or event. It's also a good idea to have a small umbrella or a large umbrella to keep the wind from blowing it around.


6. Hot Drinks

When it's cold outside, try adding a splash of hot chocolate to a cup of coffee to keep it warm. This will help regulate the body's temperature.


7. Spa Covers

Without a proper cover, your spa will lose heat as quickly as it gets cold. Having a floating spa blanket or a new spa cover can help keep the heat in and prevent further damage.

Stay inside and enjoy your hot tub or spa all year round. Set proper water temperatures and limit your bath soaks to 20 minutes.


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