Top 7 Best Air Pillows for Pool Winterizing

While it’s fun to live it up splashing around and enjoying your pool with family and friends, that time sadly comes to an end each year for the majority of swimming pool owners. Shorter days and chilly temperatures mean it’s time to tuck your pool in for the winter. Moreover, the actual winterization process of getting your pool ready for this colder season is filled with all kinds of stress and anxiety as well.

But when you’re closing your pool for the winter, you can save yourself a lot of hassle with the addition of just one tiny piece of pool equipment: a pool pillow. By placing an air-filled pool pillow under the winter cover, you create a void in the water and on the top of the cover. When rain, snow, and ice accumulate, and pressure builds on the cover, the ice will expand inward toward the pillow.

For your convenience, we’ve picked up the 7 best air pillows for pool winterizing:


1. Robelle 3748-02 Deluxe 4-foot x 8-foot Ice Equalizer Air Pillow for Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

The 4' x 8' Ice Equalizer Pillow relieves stress from the walls of your pool caused by ice. Ice Equalizer pillows also reduce the build-up of rain water, leaves and snow on your winter cover. All you have to do is inflate the pillow and place it under your cover during the winter months. Do not overfill the pillow with air, as this can cause the valve to pop out during the winter months.


- Rugged 16 gauge vinyl

- Forces debris from the center of the pool to the sides for easier cleaning

- Item Weight: 5.0 lbs


2. Swimline 4 x 4 Foot Winterizing Closing Air Pillow Cushion for Above-Ground Swimming Pool Cover

The Swimline Air Pillow is the ultimate companion to any winter pool cover. This Swimline air pillow will keep your pool and cover safe from ice in the winter months because it helps to keep water off of your pool cover. The pillow also helps to make sure your cover won't freeze to your pool water during the cold off-season. When inflated, it measures 4 x 4 feet big. It pushes your pool cover up off the water's surface so the water won't freeze to your pool cover. Keeps water off the top of your pool cover and preserve your cover with three Swimline Air Pillows.


WINTER AIR PILLOW: 4 x 4-foot air pillow supports your winter pool cover

- PiIlow is for above ground pools to help prolong and protect your above ground pool cover

- The pillow pushes your pool cover up off the water's surface so the water won't freeze to your pool cover; Keeps water off the top of your pool cover

- Easily inflates through an integrated air valve

- Cover type: Winter protection; Material: Vinyl; Color: Blue; Dimensions (L x W): 4 x 4 feet; Manufacturer warranty: 30-day warranty


3. In The Swim Air Pillows Winter Pool Cover

The Polarshield 4' x 4' Air Pillow for Above Ground Pool Winter Covers is made of rugged 16-gauge vinyl. The Winter Cover Air Pillow is designed to displace the pressure of ice freezing to help protect your pool walls. The Air Pillow also reduces excess rain, snow, and leaves on top your winter cover.What size air pillow should I use with my above ground pool winter cover?4' x 4' Air Pillow works great with 24' or smaller Round Above Ground Pools4' x 8' Air Pillow is recommended for 28' Round


- Measures: 4 x 4 Feet

- Heavy-duty 16 gauge vinyl pillow may be round or square

- Air pillow absorbs freezing water as it expands

- Relieves above ground pool walls from stress of ice expansion

- Helps reduce the build-up of rain, leaves or snow on your winter cover


4. Blue Wave 4-ft x 4-ft Air Pillow for Above Ground Pool

This rugged 16-gauge vinyl pillow absorbs freezing water's pressure and helps protect your pool walls. The Air Pillow also reduces excess rain, snow, and leaves on your winter cover. Excessive amounts of water on the pool cover may create pressure on the pillow, causing leakage over time. it should not be over inflated


- For above ground pools

- Made of 16-guage vinyl

- Helps to protect your pool walls

- Reduces excess rain, snow, and leaves on your winter cover


5. Pool Mate 1-3809-20-10 Extra Heavy-Duty 20 Gauge 8-Foot Blue Winter Water Bag For Swimming Pool Covers

Pool Mate 8-Foot Winter Water Bags should be placed around the perimeter of your in-ground winter swimming pool cover. Simply slide these winter water bags through the water bag loops included on your winter pool cover. These water bags include leak-proof valves that are easy to fill with a garden hose. Only fill the water bag half-way, this prevents ice from expanding and splitting your water bag. Pool Mate water bags feature a dual-chamber design, preventing the tube from rolling into your pool during the winter. Made with Extra Heavy-Duty 20 gauge blue vinyl.


- Used with water bag loops included on your winter pool cover

- Features a dual-chamber design

- Extra Heavy-Duty 20 gauge vinyl

- Includes leak-proof valves

- Easy to fill with a garden hose


6. The Pool Pillow Pal

One of the original pool pillow manufacturers to pop onto the market a handful of decades ago, this company was created to provide inexpensive and affordable pool pillow solutions that work well with the pool covers they made as well.

Today, though, the company makes pool pillow options that can be utilized with covers from pretty much every manufacturer on the market right now.

Strong, durable, and available in a variety of different sizes and configurations, these pool pillows are so well-made that they’ve actually helped to protect pools in the middle of hurricane winds – with the photos and video evidence to prove it!


- Easily center and connect the air pillow to the winter cover, without any ropes or ties

- Consists of 2 specially designed peel-and-stick flexible patches

- Attach one patch to your air pillow and the other to your winter cover the connect them together

- Keeps the air pillow centered and helps float the winter cover onto your pool

- Eliminates the frustration of tying the pillow into the pool, no ropes needed



7. Robelle 3809-BLK-06 Deluxe 16g. Double-Chamber 8-Foot Black Winter Water Tube For Swimming Pool Covers

8' Double Chamber Black Water Tubes are constructed of heavy-duty, puncture resistant vinyl. All of our water tubes have a conveniently placed, leak-proof valve that is easy to fill with a garden hose. Water tubes keep your pool cover in place all winter long. Water tubes should be filled half-way to prevent popping caused by expansion if the water freezes.


- The red tabs can be made easier to close by warming them up with a hair dryer.

- Heavy-duty 16 gauge vinyl

- Double chamber design prevents the tube from rolling

- Leak-proof easy to fill valves

- If you have trouble closing the valve please use a hair dryer to loosen before closing


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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