Top 10 Best Above Ground Liners

Above ground pool liners play a couple of very important roles – they hold the water in and protect the pool structure. When you get a new above ground pool, a liner is usually included in the set. However, as the summers pass, it’s inevitable your pool liner will fail, as a puncture or tear sends all of your pool water rushing into your yard, or it’s merely deteriorated after years in the sun.
Replacing the liner is necessary after many years of use. This isn’t hard to do, and might even make your pool better than it was. The smoothness and thickness of the liner, along with its color and warranty, will help you enjoy your pool experience or make it a costly one.
This guide will help you find the best above ground pool liners for your make and model. The following buying reviews provide a breakdown of the 10 best AG liners:

1. Smartline Boulder Liner
The Smartline Boulder Liner has it all, and to top it off, it is also very affordable.
It is an overlap type of pool liner that comes in a few different sizes. It also has the flexibility to accommodate both round and oval pools as well. For oval pools, it ranges in size between 10×15 feet and 18×34 feet. For round pools, you can get this pool liner from 12 to 33 feet. It comes in different vinyl materials as well from 20, 25, and 30-gauge vinyl. What this means is that the higher the gauge of vinyl, the thicker the vinyl material is. The product also comes with a 25-year warranty, but we recommend you to read over what this policy entails as warranties for pool liners don’t usually cover damage caused by people.
This pool liner is designed for pools with 48-52-inch wall height and is very easy to install. A few people said that this pool liner’s exposure to sunlight is more sensitive than other pool liners, as evidenced by the fact that it caused rips in the vinyl after a while.
- Will work with either 48" or 52" constant depth swimming pools.
- Lap welded seams, reducing both lateral and vertical tension.
- Extra heavy Duty, 100% virgin vinyl material Protected against chemicals and UV fading Best cold crack resistance in the industry.
- Reduced wrinkling! Hand folded flat, to reduce wrinkles unlike automated packers that twist and force the liner into the box, which can cause permanent creasing.
- 25 gauge liners are backed by a 25 year limited warranty.

2. SmartLine Stone Harbor 12’x24′ Oval Above Ground Pool Liner
The bottom is built with marble-like tiles that are iridescent and reflect different shades of blue. Your pool can obtain a classic but very outstanding look thanks to the marble geometric shapes.
Excess wrinkling and permanent creasing are all prevented by the hand-folded North American cut material. The installment tip is that you should lay the liner under the sun for at least one hour so that it will be more flexible when adding water.
The SmartLine Stone Harbor 12’x24′ Oval Above Ground Pool Liner has a super durable pattern. As a unibead liner, it requires a snap or a hook. While flat-bottom pools can go with this liner perfectly, Intex and pop-up pools demand other lining accessories.
You will be offered an extra skimmer gasket whose function is to stop the occurrence of corrosion. Standard sized skimmers or Widemouth versions are what the gasket will work with. It is advised to replace these pieces regularly since they will dry, which results in leaks.
- Made from 100% virgin vinyl
- Unique and beautiful patterns
- No color fading reported despite the scorching sun
- Easy to use
- Functional regarding various pool types
- 25-year warranty

3. In The Swim 24-ft Round Overlap (Boulder Swirl 20 Gauge) Above Ground Pool Liner
One of the best-designed pool liners on the market today is the In The Swim 24-ft Round Overlap Above Ground Pool Liner. This product provides great performance that you have always wanted and it lasts for decades. With its eye-catching style, you will surely love to spend time in your pool.
The only good thing about this liner isn’t the design but also its superb quality. This product provides 100% sunlight protection, which means that it cannot be damaged by the harmful UV rays. The liner is easy to maintain and comes with a 15 years warranty – this just shows how the manufacturer believes in this linear.
- Easy to install.
- 15 years warranty.
- UV protected.

4. Smartline Crystal Tile 27′ Round Liner
This is a UniBead style 27-foot round liner which is made of 100% virgin vinyl material. Durable and strong, the pool liner is made for above ground pools with steel sides.
The liner is available in a wide variety of beautiful and unique patterns that can turn the pool into a mini paradise. Thanks to the acrylic coating, the liner holds up better when compared to other alternatives on the market. This coating prevents the fading of the liner, shielding the material from UV days and pool chemicals.
The liner has a head receiver and is beaded for use. Thanks to the UniBead connection, it can operate as a J-Hook or Standard Bead pool liner.
- Pretty pleasing pattern - The Crystal Tile pattern lays out an attractive array of silver and sapphire crystals arranged in a diamond ring around the top of your pool.
- Whether installing for the first time, or replacing an existing liner, the Crystal Tile pattern offers durability while not breaking the bank. Be sure to check the measurements of your swimming pool to assure the correct size is purchased. – - -- Stay cool in the pool– Enjoy the warm weather while spending quality time with family and friends. Your backyard pool will surely become the place to be during those hot summer days. Stay cool in more ways than one with the Crystal Tile liner.
- High quality material - Swim carefree knowing your liner can tough it out through abrasion, chemicals and UV fading thanks to the use of Lamiclear technology. The layers are made of an acrylic top coat, a UV resistant print layer, and a 100% virgin vinyl base. This material is then welded and cut for a flawless fit and finish. A 25-year limited warranty is included protecting against defects in material and workmanship.

5. Great Barrier Reef - HD 24 ft Overlap Pool Liner
This is a fun pool liner that will give your above ground pool an HD visual experience. The vinyl design is printed with an image of the Great Barrier Reef and the sea life you’d expect there. It’s an overlap pool liner that will fit 48 inch, 52 inch, and 54 inch pool walls. It provides your pool with UV protection and let’s face it – the kids are going to love it. The liner is 25 gauge, but be careful if your pool is a few years old. A rounded out bottom will cause this liner not to fit properly.
- Vibrant High Definition - HD Exclusive
- Oceen Reef Vinyl Design - Swimming Pool Liners
- Overlap Pool Liner - Fits 48", 52", & 54" pool walls.
- UV protection from the suns damaging rays.
- Kids love Sea Turtles

6. Swimline Blue Overlap Liner
Next up is our Best Value product, the Swimline Blue Overlap Liner. As you can tell by the name, this one is an overlap pool liner and is the most affordable one on our list.
Don’t conflate its affordability with its quality as you’ll get plenty of quality with this liner. It comes in sizes ranging from 16 to 33 feet and only for round pools. It’s made of standard gauge vinyl, which just comes in the one thickness and does not have different levels of the gauge. It’s specifically made for pools that have sidewalls between 48 and 52 inches and comes with double-welded seams.
It only has a 15-year warranty, but that should last you long enough until you have to buy your next pool liner. While nearly all customers were satisfied with this purchase, a few people did say that the vinyl can rip quite easily and quickly if not used properly.
- Constructed of durable, standard gauge vinyl
- Strong, double-welded seams
- Vibrant blue color
- Will fit either 48-inch or 52-inch sidewall
- Backed by a 15-year warranty

7. Smartline Waves Of Poseidon 24-Foot Round Liner
The Waves of Poseidon 24-Foot Round Liner from Smartline is an overlap style. The strong and durable material is made of 100% virgin vinyl and comes in many unique and beautiful patterns to turn your swimming pool into its own mini paradise!
- Very easy to install
- Good quality for the price
- Will work with either standard sized skimmers or wide-mouth versions

8. Harris 24′ Round Beaded Above Ground Pool Liner
Unique water wear coating is what you can expect from the Harris 24′ Round Beaded Above Ground Pool Liner. Its material is the legendary virgin vinyl that is usually used to build pool liners.
Concerning the components, the Harris 24′ Round Beaded Above Ground Pool Liner is able to stand hot weather and remain in good condition for years. There is no leak reported from the customers who pay for products by Harris, which is considered a big achievement.
This above ground pool liner has the ability to adapt to swimming baths from different brands such as Aqualeader, Aquasport, Doughboy, and so on.
- Impressive textures
- A 25 gauge pool liner: secure thickness
- Extremely long-lasting
- Has a wide range of applications
- Usable for saltwater pool

9. SmartLine Antilles Dolphin 24 Ft. Round Liner
Just like all other SmarLine liners for above ground swimming pools, this liner can be used to replace an existing model or as a first time application. It comes with durable patterns and it quite affordable.
Its patterns are quite pleasing and attractive – you feel as if you are swimming with dolphins. Its material is hand-folded in order to prevent excess wrinkling and permanent creasing. And since it’s an overlap liner, you only need to drape it over your pool’s wall when installing it.
Additionally, the unit ensures that your pool remains cool during the hot summer. It also comes with a warranty that shows you just how durable the product is.
- Whether installing for the first time, or replacing an existing liner, the Antilles Dolphin pattern offers durability while not breaking the bank. Be sure to check the measurements of your swimming pool to assure the correct size is purchased.
- Feel like you are really swimming with the dolphins with this liner surround with life like coral.
- Easy to install
- Enjoy the warm weather while spending quality time with family and friends. Stay cool in more ways than one with the Antilles Dolphin liner.
- High quality material

10. Quality Pool Products Stoney Creek 3D Above Ground Pool Liner
The combination of a beautiful print and high-quality vinyl makes the Quality Pool Stoney Creek liner very popular among pool owners. The stone print shines when the pool is filled with water, giving you a feeling like you’re on a nice beach.
Thanks to the top-level construction we mentioned, you can count on this one to last a long time. The vinyl comes with a 25-gauge thickness and lap seams that give it surprising strength and tear resistance. You don’t have to worry about sunlight or chemicals either – the liner will retain its quality for a very long time.
When talking about dimensions, the base diameter measures 18 feet. It’s made for pools with a flat bottom and fits three different pool wall heights. It uses an overlap-style attachment, so installation is easy and won’t be a problem. The price is reasonable too, making it one of the best above ground pool liners if you’re looking for something good-looking but affordable.
- 25 Yr Warranty
- Stoney Creek Vinyl Design - Swimming Pool Liners
- Overlap Pool Liner - Fits 48", 52", & 54" pool walls.
- UV protection from the sun's damaging rays.
- Lap seam construction.

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