Store Your Pool Chemicals Safely this Winter

You've probably acquired a lot of pool chemicals in the past couple of months. These chemicals should be stored properly to avoid getting ruined or unusable during the winter season. This article will teach you how to properly store and protect these items.

1. Make sure that all the chemicals in each container are labeled to prevent accidental mixing. This ensures that they're not prone to causing chemical reactions.

2. Aside from personal safety, chlorine, for example, in the air can cause materials around it to become brittle or cause corrosion. Also, when possible, all chemical containers should be kept up off the floor.

3. You should not mix acids with chlorine. It's important to learn about the chemistry of pool chemicals. Doing so can help you avoid accidentally mixing incompatible chemicals. Also, remember to keep the pool chemicals away from one another.

4. Since chemicals are very flammable, make sure that the lids are fully closed when used. Doing so will prevent the pool chemicals from reacting with the water.

5. This is a simple rule to follow, but it's important to keep in mind that these chemicals are not allowed to be near electrical sources and heat sources. Learn how to safely store these chemicals and get started with preparing for the winter season.


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