Easy DIY Repairs for Your Pool

Your swimming pool is the place where you can escape the heat and still have fun. It’s also where your kids can learn to swim. It’s a great place to keep after the sun sets. Keeping it maintained is a necessary chore, but the benefits are worth it.


Cloudy Water

Sometimes, your pool's water can look like it's been raining clouds. It can be caused by various factors such as the weather, algae, and even pool chemicals. A pool clarifier is a great way to get rid of algae. It can remove small particles that are making the water murky. If you need a quick fix, try Flocculant. This is a chemical that can remove particles from your pool's water. It works by gathering them all and sending them to the bottom. Once they're done, they can be manually vacuumed up.



Before you panic, check the system's filter system to see if it's leaking. Also, make sure that the pool's heater and pump are working properly. Having a leak in a vinyl liner pool is much easier to fix than a concrete one. Cut a patch that's larger than the leak hole. Put the patch on the back of the kit and glue it over the hole. If you have a leak under the water, you will need to fold the patch in half and secure it with glue. Position it on the hole and dive down to apply pressure.



If you see a crack in the ground or in the concrete of your pool, it’s not a cause for alarm. Instead, try taking some precautionary steps to prevent further damage. To widen a pool crack, use a screwdriver to scrape out debris from the area. Then, use Pool Putty to cover the crack. This involves draining the pool and using a grinder. It can be done in a hurry if you have no previous experience.



Over time, the calcium in the grout will start to dissolve. This can cause the tiles to lose their grout. To prevent this, remove the remaining grout using a grout cleaner. A good quality epoxy grout is made for swimming pools, and they come in several colors. Just mix it, spread it, and make sure it covers the joints between the tiles.

These simple swimming pool repairs can be done by yourself and are usually done in a snap. They can be done with a few simple tools and a few pool supplies.


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