Spa Cover Longevity – 3 secrets
Since a hot tub cover is a valuable component of a spa, its owner should regularly replace it since it's not made of Kevlar.
However, since it's not made of the same material, a spa owner can still save money by protecting their cover.

If you're the type of person who gets a new car every three years, then maybe this post isn't for you. If you're the type of person who wants to extend the life of their spa cover, then this article will help.


Clean & Condition your Spa Cover

The problem is that most people use household cleaners that contain harsh chemicals to protect their spa covers. These products break down the UV inhibitors and cause the vinyl to dry out.

To keep your spa cover looking its best, clean and healthy, it should be treated every 3-4 months with a good quality cleaner. Then, apply a spa cover conditioner to keep the vinyl soft and durable.


Lock Down your Spa Cover

High winds can also blow your spa cover off of your hot tub. Protect your equipment and your home from storm damage with these spa cover clips.

If your spa is in a hurricane zone or is in a high wind area, use straps to protect its cover. If it's sunk into the ground, use safety pool cover hardware to secure it.

These items are also used to protect your spa cover from damage. They help prevent people from accidentally removing it. Also, they help keep the cover from getting damaged.


Remove your Spa Cover 2x per Week

Even though our spa covers are vacuum-sealed to prevent moisture, they should still be allowed to breathe for a few days to ensure optimal performance.

If you have a cover lift, or if you're using a helper, gently remove it from its position and move it to a safe location.

Breathe or air out your cover or use it twice a week for several hours. If your hot tub doesn't get much action, leave it open for a few hours a week to test and shock it.

There are many ways to get a long-lasting hot tub cover, but one of these is to buy one that's made to last longer.


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