How to Add an Audio-Video to your Spa or Hot Tub?
A Hot Tub is a place where you can relax and feel like you're having a great time. There are many ways to make this experience even better, such as adding music to it or setting up an outdoor TV.

Newer spa models can also come equipped with built-in speakers and stereos, and there are also options to add a pop-up television.

In this guide, you will learn how to assemble your own hot tub audio and video equipment for much less expense. Here's how.



The Integrated Spa Side Stereo is a receiver that's used on various outdoor recreational vehicles such as golf carts and spas. It's equipped with an antenna and a 12V power supply.

A spa stereo can be purchased as an AM/FM only device, or with a built-in CD player or an iPod dock. They can also be charged using a USB or Bluetooth wireless connection.

If you have a dry area near the tub, then the iPod/iPhone docking stereo is a good option. If you're in need of a waterproof solution, then look into the Terra Waterproof Boom Box. This portable mp3 player is designed to allow you to play music inside. It works great for boats, the pool, or the beach.

If you have a home stereo, then attaching a set of outdoor speakers is a great option. Just make sure that the cord is connected to the appropriate speaker.


Spa Speakers

If your spa has an integrated stereo system, then you will always have the option of having speakers mounted into the top of the spa. If you are looking for a more compact option, then pop-up speakers are also available.

Floating speakers are great for playing audio from your MP3 player through Bluetooth. However, they are typically not as waterproof as standard models. The only good alternative is the ECOXGEAR, which has been featured in various reviews.

You can mount these speakers on a wall or place them near the spa. They are great for areas where the pump is running, or where you want to avoid waking up the neighbors. Wireless speakers are also available.



The integrated Spa TV is a high-end addition to any modern spa. It features a built-in wireless monitor that works seamlessly with a cable.

A waterproof remote control can turn on and off various channels and volume. The SpaVue TV has a built-in recessed cavity that rises up when you press the remote.

You can also install a similar device onto the edge of your spa. This type of setup can also be used with other outdoor televisions.

A wall mounted outdoor television is a great alternative to a traditional television. This type of device can be mounted to a wall or placed on top of a hot tub.

Ideally, a long movie with a lot of action and suspense would be ideal for a hot tub party.

A Hot Tub is simply a place to relax and enjoy yourself. There's no need to add music or video, just use it as an escape device.


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