Spa and Hot Tub Aromatherapy Guide

A dip in the hot tub always brings back the smell of fresh air. So, do you know about the benefits of aromatherapy?

Essential oils and scents can stimulate a wide range of physiological effects on humans. They can help people feel better, relax, and have a sense of well-being. Some of these scents can also stimulate a sexual desire.

For your convenience, we have organized the various spa scents into groups. The best spa scents are those that are used to create different moods in the hot tub. There are varieties of these scents that are used to create different moods in the spa.



Thousands of years ago, the Romans added Lavender to their bath houses. It has antiseptic properties and is known to help treat mild infections. It can also help with depression.

As a circulatory stimulant, lavender can relieve muscle pain, migraines, and other head and body pain. It can also be used to treat skin conditions.

We carry a variety of Lavender spa scents. One of our favorites is Lavender Crystal Spa. It's a great selling scent and is used in a wide range of products.

These are 2 lb. boxes with a scoop. They are so fragrant that you will start to relax before opening the box. They quickly release the scent of geranium and coconut oil into the water.

Another great Lavender spa scent is the Lavender Palmarosa Escape Liquid. This is a thick and shiny liquid that's poured into the water.

Another great scent for a relaxing experience. This time, it's the Lemon, which is a bit different from the Lavender. The Escape Elixir is a thick liquid that's made with spa crystals.



This sweet and warm floral scent has a reputation as an aphrodisiac. It's also called Moonlight of the Grove or Mistress of the Night due to its strong scent in the middle of the night.

It has been known to help people with anxiety and depression. It can also help relax the mind. It has been known to stimulate the healing process on the skin.

The samples that I had included were the White Musk Lavender Jasmine Escape Crystals and the Jasmine Spa Crystals. The former were more floral and fruity, while the latter had a more sweet note.

These scents were both very relaxing and sensual, and you can imagine being on a floating island somewhere in the south Pacific.



Mint is a popular herb used in various products such as toothpaste and lip balm. It has been noted that its vapors can relieve pain and nausea.

It can help one to concentrate and prepare for a long night. It can also help lower blood pressure and relieve muscle pain. It's good for the skin's natural oil production.

Mint is a perennial that can be found in Australia, Europe, and North America. It has a sweet taste and is used as an aromatherapy oil.

The SpaZazz Eucalyptus Mint Elixir is a great addition to any peppermint trial. It will be a calm, relaxing, and stimulating experience.

After 15 minutes, your skin will be rejuvenated. The energy boost will last for a long time.



Early cultures have used eucalyptus leaves for various ailments, such as altitude sickness. They have also been used to treat colds and flu.

The Eucalyptus tree is fast-growing, with heights of up to 80 feet. It's a great source of fresh eucalyptus oil for spa treatments.

Add the Eucalyptus directly to the hot tub and then sprinkle in a scoop of 2-pound "sample" of Eucalyptus Spa Crystals. Energizing and pungent, your soak in eucalyptus oils, with the mist surrounding you, will be the most stimulating of all the spa scents that you've tried.

It may also completely remove a headache. Like the peppermint aromatherapy, your soak in eucalyptus also can make your skin dance a bit, and allow your sinuses to open up for some deep breathing in the spa.



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