Overview of Plumbing Parts for Spa and Hot Tubs

This post will go over the various parts that are used in a spa plumbing system. It will help you identify which parts are most useful and which ones are not. There are many specialized parts for different spa setups.


Spa Air Controls

Air controls are located on the side of the spa. They are used to control the air intakes and the air output of various spa jets.

There are different spa air controls available in the market from G&G, Waterway, and Hydro Air. They vary by spa air inlet hole size and connection size.



Spa Air Injectors

Air injectors are typically located on the floor or on the lounge sections of a spa. They work by producing air that flows out of the body. If they are missing, or have broken, then you may want to replace them.


Spa Sealants

This section also has supplies for making repairs on your spa's hardware, such as sealing the jets, changing the air injectors, and attaching a light ring or fitting. It is also commonly used to make small leaks around the spa.


Spa Air Buttons

Spa Air buttons are used to activate the various features of a spa, such as the jets and lights. They are fairly reliable, but some might fail after a while.


Spa Drain Covers and Plumbing Fittings

We have spa plumbing fittings, such as connectors, reducers, and sweep elbows. These are commonly used in repairs and renovations to your spa. When dealing with freeze damage, it is important to re-route or reposition your spa's plumbing.

One of the most important things that you can do to prevent entrapment is to secure the spa drain covers to prevent them from loosening.


Spa Flexible PVC Pipe and Air Hose

We have a wide variety of flexible PVC pipe, in various sizes. These are sold in long rolls or by the foot. We ship them without a box. They are also used for air switches.

Spa air hose is available in sizes from 1/8" to 3/4 inch. We also have these little clips that are designed to keep the hose clamps in place.

When you are tackling major repairs to a spa shell or leaky pipe, use spa air hose to avoid damaging it. Also, use spa flex pipe to protect it from rodents and heat sources.


Spa Plumbing Manifolds

Spa manifolds are made to work seamlessly with various water and air jets and are attached to various pipes and connectors. These components work by separating the air and water by creating a small recess between the jets and the pipes.

Spa manifolds are used to split the air and water in various smaller ports. They are typically used for air or water.

We have different types of spa manifolds for various applications. Some of these are used to plumb in 12 jets into a hot tub or spa, or fix a freeze damaged spa.


Spa Skimmers

Many above ground spas have a skimmer that's not connected to a weir. Instead, they have a grate that draws water from the surface.

We also have a variety of new and improved spa skimmers for both indoor and outdoor hot tubs. Some of these include the Hayward SP1099, which can be installed on almost any backyard spa.


Spa Plumbing Unions

These are pipe connectors that allow you to easily remove equipment such as spa pumps and filters. However, they should be replaced if they get damaged or if they are not working properly.

We have a variety of spa union nuts, o-rings, and adapters. Some of these are designed to work with standard spa setups, while others are used for special applications.


Spa Valves

This section is the largest of our spa plumbing parts categories, featuring over two dozen slice valves and check valves. We also have diverter valves and many more styles of valves.

If you need to replace a valve, we can help you find the parts you need. Also, check valves can last for a long time.

A lot of these components and fittings are used by professionals to keep your spa or hot tub running smoothly.


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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