Snowstorm is Coming: How To Prepare Your Pool

When the snow flies, you can’t help but sit and watch as the world around you gets transformed into a winter wonderland. When it comes to harsh weather warnings, the little snowflakes can turn into dangerous drivers of destruction. Winter is a stressful time for pool owners. Many of them are worried about how their pool cover and pool will hold up during the cold weather.

When your pool is buried under snow, you might be worried about what’s underneath. This article will teach you how to properly prepare your pool for a blizzard.

This is the time to clean up around the pool. It’s also important to make sure that the furniture is out of the way so that the pool’s edges can be accessed. Having anything too close to the pool can cause damage to its cover and deck. It’s also a good idea to store it in case it gets moved during a blizzard.

Before the storm hits, make sure that your pump is stored away from the cover and the mesh panels are free from ice and snow. Having the proper equipment to remove standing water is important to keep your pool cover healthy during the winter. Make sure to check it regularly once the snow has fallen.

Winterize your pool before the season begins. Make sure all of its valves and water lines are fully clear before applying antifreeze. Also, make sure that your pool cover is secure. Trees and bushes near the pool should be trimmed if they have overgrown branches. Make sure that everything is covered and secured before the storm hits.

When the snow starts to fall, it seems like an endless white wall of snow. Instead of dwelling on the blizzard, take a moment to enjoy the season.

Having the proper equipment in place is important, but what about the preparation for the next storm? Before the snow has completely melted, check the pool cover for any debris or patches of ice. You want to make sure that the amount of snow that falls on your cover is as light as possible. This will help minimize the amount of weight that comes from the ropes and connections.

Your pool is a permanent investment that needs regular attention to keep it running smoothly. Before a big storm hits, make sure to pre-pinch it.

While it’s nice to have a pool during the winter season, it’s also important to keep it well-oiled and in good shape before the harsh weather hits. Having a pool cover installed is also a sign of proper care.


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