Pool Protection During the Winter

Winter pool covers are the strongest shield against harsh winter winds and debris that can damage your pool. They also protect against the cold and provide a great deal of protection from the elements. Winter pool cover maintenance is an important aspect of keeping your pool’s shield in top shape. This article will give you some helpful tips on how to maintain it properly.

  1. Having tree branches trimmed around or over the perimeter of your pool will prevent them from falling onto the cover when combined with high winds. This will also help protect your cover from getting damaged.
  2. If your pool cover is iced over, don't try to remove it. Instead, wait for the ice to melt and allow the water to return to its original state.
  3. Follow-up inspections are important to check the cover's ends and attachment for signs of wear and possible issues. They can also help spot potential weaknesses or issues that can be easily overlooked during the course of an installation.
  4. When getting snow in your area, mark the perimeter of your pool with a couple of yardsticks. This will help keep track of where your pool's cover begins and helps keep it safe for maintenance. To prevent getting injured or accidentally placing a heavy object on your pool cover, mark the area where it is located.

Aside from being used to keep your pool clean, pool covers are also important to protect against various elements. Your pool cover is the care of your pool. It's important to maintain this relationship throughout the off-season to keep it running smoothly.


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