Small Talk About Pool Winterizing Kits

You do not have to have a pool winterizing kit. Its strange, right? You only need one chemical to effectively protect it from harsh winter conditions.

There are many types of algaecides, some of which are useless and some of which are loaded with metals. Some are said to be good for use with salt systems, while others are good for well water. Some are also said to be good for black algae.

You may ask: How do I winterize my pool? And if I use cement or gunite pool? Regardless, just as important is to make sure that your pool is cleaned and algaecide is used.

If your pool is in an inground pool, then put the entire quart in. If it's a large above ground pool, then use half a quart.

It is important that people with cement or Gunite pool systems maintain a balanced calcium level in their water. This is because low calcium can cause pool plaster to crack and cause tile to fall off.

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