Remote Control for Spas & Hot Tubs

Control your hot tub from anywhere in the world!

These are the smart hot tub controllers that allow you to control and monitor all of your spa's features from a single app. Just pull up the screen and view the current temperature and status.

Many of the major spa manufacturers now offer Wi-Fi-capable spa paks that can connect to your spa controller. These are very useful for bypassing control panels and for certain diagnostic tasks.

For those wanting to control their spa, Arctic has OnSpa, while Sundance has ProLink and SunSmart. For those wanting to use the same concept, the Balboa and Gecko packs have BWA modules and apps.


A WiFi-capable spa control device that works seamlessly with the iOS app. It can connect to a nearby phone or tablet and provide a connection to the internet. The module is good for up to 65 feet of range.

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Although hot tub wifi modules are usually only used on luxury lines of spas, they are still a standard feature on most newer models. If you have a late brand name spa that has all the bells and whistles, then you can always get a Wi-Fi module kit from your dealer.
Only the BP line of spa controllers are Wi-Fi enabled. The 50350 is a module that will allow you to connect to your home WiFi network.
In.touch is a remote control system that works seamlessly with your home network and other devices. It uses two RF transmitters to establish a connection to the internet.
Some of the newer controllers from Acura, ACC, and Waterway offer an add-on Wi-Fi module that fits nicely into the spa controls. This component can be used to control both inside and out of the house.


Unless you already have a smartphone, you probably need a new digital spa control to control it. This step requires that you purchase a module or transmitter that will allow you to connect to your home wifi network.
If your spa control or spa pack has recently been updated, it might have WiFi capability. If not, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that it's working properly.
Your next spa will most likely be part of the internet of things, allowing you to control it from anywhere. It will allow you to play music from your phone, turn on the heater, or check if the filter cycles are running low.


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