Pressure- and suction-side pool cleaners by Dolphin

Service technicians and pool owners usually require equipment that can perform multiple tasks, such as cleaning the pool and its surrounding areas. Unfortunately, these types of systems tend to be too energy-efficient and cumbersome.

Suction-side pool cleaners are devices that come attached to the underside of a plumbing system. These components act like a filter pump by diverting the water from the pool to a separate filter. However, they are very different from standard pool cleaners due to their design.

Pressure-side pool cleaners are usually attached to the pool's pressure or return side. They require special tools and equipment to perform their function.

The Dolphin uses active scrubbing brushes to remove algae and bacteria from the pool. Its navigation controls allow it to automatically cover all of the pool's features, and its large filter basket can be quickly emptied.

While pressure- and suction-side pool cleaners can cost you less than you might think, they can also outperform the competition.


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