Preparing Your Pool for Cold Seasons

Throughout the summer, pool owners keep their equipment and supplies up-to-date. But with the season gone, it's time to prepare for the cold season and protect these vital components from the elements.


Pools Need Your Year-Round Care

The autumnal equinox marked the beginning of the fall season. As the days get shorter and the nights longer, it’s time to start taking care of your pool. Doing so helps keep your facility running smoothly and free from seasonal maintenance issues. It is important to maintain your pool and equipment during the off season to avoid staining and damage.


Northern Climes

If you live in a cooler climate, then it's important to close your pool in winter months to protect its components from harm.

1. Too much water can freeze and damage various components of your pool or pipe. This is why it’s important to lower the water line to avoid over-flowing and wasting water.

2. Not only does a properly fitted cover protect your pool from the elements, it can also serve as a deterrent to small children and wildlife. Having the proper cover also helps keep the water clear and algae-free.

3. When it’s time to blow cover, make sure to check the weather conditions to protect your pool cover from ice and snow damage. Having an air pillow on the underside will allow the excess water to drain properly.

4. The right combination of algaecide and chlorine can help keep a winter pool sparkling. But too much can cause a green pool, and too little can lead to a chlorine-contaminated liner. When it's time to restock, mix more chlorine with an extra vacuum and apply a liquid chlorine solution under a cover corner.


Southern Climes

Since many pool owners in the South can show off their pool during the off season, it's important that they maintain it properly.

1. Not only can algae and bacteria cause a pool’s finish to look bad, they can also contribute to the development of algae and bacteria in the water. When it comes to keeping a pool clean, it’s important to regularly check the chemical levels in the water.

2. Although pools are usually left uncovered during the off-season, they still require regular vacuuming. They can also be groomed at least twice a week.

3. Ring of Mire. Unhealthy bacteria breed at the water line, causing a ring of muck to collect. Don’t forget to scrub that funk away.

4. When it comes to keeping your pool clean, make sure your pumps and motors are working properly. Also, make sure to remove and clean the filter.

5. On Routine = No Green: Routine maintenance will ensure a bright, sparkly pool year-round. Get in the habit and stick with a set maintenance schedule.


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