Pool Heat Pumps Work During Winter

Many people are worried that their pool heat pumps will not work properly when the air gets cold. This is a common concern.


Pool Heat Pump

Many pool heat pumps can operate at temperatures of less than negative 10 degrees Celsius. If the temperature drops even lower, then their systems might experience a bigger problem.

Although it may seem like it's harder to use during the winter months, once your heat pump is activated, it will warm up the water in your pool. Even though it's more energy-efficient, it's will still work better.

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Pool Cover

A good pool cover will help keep the pool's heat and prevent it from escaping into cold air when it's not in use. It will also help keep the pool warm as well. Even though it's cold outside, the sun does get quite hot. The pool covers help absorb some of the heat and transfer it to the water.

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Backup Gas Pool Heater

A backup gas pool heater can help keep your pool warm in the winter. Unlike traditional pool heaters, they can work in any temperature. They can also increase the pool's temperature to swimmable levels. Having a backup gas pool heater is a great way to raise the temperature of your pool and maintain it.

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