Pentair GW7900 Kreepy Krauly SandShark Inground Pool Cleaner

When it comes to choosing the type of pool vacuum cleaner, make sure that it has features that are worth getting. This includes a variety of features that will help keep the pool clean.

It will thoroughly clean the surface of your pool and can easily go across the obstacles in the way.


Smarttrac programmed steering system

The Pentair GW7900 is a smart automatic pool cleaner that features SmartTrac technology, which will automatically clean and maintain the pool surface. This feature will allow the machine to handle any obstacles that might surface.


Perfect shape

This cleaning tool has a round shape that allows the surface to be cleaned in the quickest possible time. It has a length of 13” and width of 13′′ which makes it suitable for cleaning various surfaces.


Efficient cleaning

This product is equipped with a footpad and rows of fins to remove dirt and grime from the pool surface. It is also efficient for all types of pool materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, and gunite.


Easy to connect

Kreepy Krauly is a person who enjoys swimming. Just connect the hose to the machine and then go for the cleaning.



It is difficult to explain how this product is performing compared to other models in its class. For instance, the 7900 Sand Shark is not as powerful as its competitors but it is still good enough for in-ground pool. Though it lacks the suction power that you need, it's still a good product to use for in-ground pool cleaning. It's also a good alternative to regular pool cleaners. The dual-band adjustment makes it much easier to scrub. It's also beneficial to consider if you're satisfied with the product and its limited features.


Pentair GW7900 Kreepy Krauly SandShark Inground Pool Cleaner

This is a great way to keep your in ground swimming pool clean and clear of debris.

  • Suction side cleaner for in-ground pools
  • Cleans floors and walls up to the waterline
  • Works with all surface types
  • Includes 34.5' of hose
  • 12" wide cleaning path
  • SmartTrac Steering System

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