Baracuda Wahoo Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Baracuda Wahoo Above Ground Pool Cleaner is a great way to clean the pool while you're at home. It's capable of removing debris such as algae, bugs, and leaves. The Baracuda Wahoo is a pre-assembled pool cleaner that comes with a built-in hose. It's a great way to clean your pool or spa.

The Wahoo unit features a HyperDisc that will allow the Wahoo to move across the bottom of the pool with ease. It also cleans the walls of any size or shape. You can even save money on the chemicals by using the Baracuda Wahoo Pool Cleaner. It circulates the water in the pool to evenly distribute the chemicals.

The Baracuda Wahoo Automatic Pool Cleaner is a simple and effective way to clean up your pool or spa. Just take the unit and submerge it in the water until it gets full. Then, just connect the hose to the pump and turn on its function. When it comes to keeping your Baracuda Wahoo working properly, make sure that it has a clean filter and basket pump basket.

The manufacturer suggests that you avoid using the Wahoo if the pool liner is weak or has any corrosion. The one-year warranty on this product is also good for those who register their product before the deadline.



  • Works quietly while thoroughly cleaning the Intex pool surface
  • Employs an advanced hydrodynamic design that reduces maintenance costs
  • It comes pre-assembled that makes installation quick without requiring any tools.
  • It contains a patented “Easy Access System” that allows you to independently service the product, thereby eliminating maintenance costs.


  • The construction quality is average and it does not ensure durability.
  • Some users have found the debris bag hard to clean.



The Baracuda Wahoo vacuum cleaner is a great choice for people who regularly deal with pool debris. It is also known for its reliability.


Baracuda Wahoo Automatic Pool Cleaner

  • Baracuda wahoo automatic pool cleaner
  • It is a suction cleaner and it works in all above ground pools
  • It connects directly to skimmers
  • It includes 30-feet of feed hose

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