Mid-Winter Pool Check

It’s that time of year again when people start to think that their swimming pool season is over. To make sure that your pool is ready for winter, here are a few simple steps to ensure that it is.


1. Check the filter equipment

  • Breakers and time clocks are Off?
  • Damage from falling tree branches?
  • Pool heater gas supply is turned Off?
  • Anything cracked, broken or misaligned?
  • Any leaks or wet ground around the equipment?


2. Check the Pool Cover

  • On Aboveground pools, check cable and clips, inspect air pillow.
  • Straps (mesh covers) and water bags (solid) are in good shape?
  • For solid covers, has standing water and debris been removed?
  • For mesh covers, has water level risen to touch the cover?
  • Any holes in the pool cover?


3. Check the Pool Water

  • Is the pool clean?
  • Are your wall plugs in place?
  • Is there visible algae growth? Staining?
  • If you use a chemical floater, is it empty?
  • Is the water level stable, or has the level dropped?
  • Check pH, Calcium Hardness, Alkalinity. Adjust if needed.



This post was originally published on InTheSwim Blog


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