Above-Ground Pool Winter Equipment

When the old man winter comes calling, make sure that your pool is well-equipped to protect itself. Winter can create various problems for your pool.

This blog post is a Buyer’s Guide to aid you in your search for the right winter pool accessory items.


Skimmer Plug

The Skimmer Plug is designed to fit most vinyl liner pools and is compatible with most skimmers. It snaps to the skimmer faceplate.

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Blue Line Pool Cover Saver Kit

You can convert a standard pool cover into a self-draining pool cover by attaching a drain cover to the center of the cover. This feature will allow the water to drain from the cover's surface to the outside of the pool.

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Winter Pool Cover Patches

It doesn't take much wind to break a pool cover! Just make sure that the patches are strong enough to prevent water damage and prevent tears.

BUY Winter Pool Cover Patches


Winter Pool Cover Seal

Wind can also damage a pool cover if it gets under the outer edge. Fortunately, there are ways to keep the wind from hitting the cover. One of these is by covering the edge with a roll of Cover Seal.

BUY Winter Pool Cover Seal


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