Manage Your Water Level before closing pool for winter

Although an inground pool is a great summer activity, staying in the pool during the winter months can be very challenging. This is why it is important to check on your pool regularly to ensure it operates smoothly.

You'll empty the filtration lines and prevent the water from getting into the pump. However, make sure the water level is still consistent to protect the pool liner and other components of the system.


Why Managing Your Water Level Before Closing Pool For Winter is so Important

Groundwater is a common enemy of inground pool owners. It can cause issues with both your pool and your water supply.

Winter months are when it's important to make sure that the water level under your pool covers doesn't get out of whack with the surrounding ground. Doing so can prevent a potential issue or even cause damage to the pool. Here’s what might happen, based on the type of pool you have:

Fiberglass Pools: If the groundwater pressure exceeds the water's pressure in your pool, it can cause your fiberglass pool shell to crack, or even sink.

Gunite Pools: Gunite pool surfaces can also get affected by the pressure of water. This can cause cracks to form in the pool's surface.

Vinyl Liner Pools: On vinyl pool liner, if the water level drops below the pool’s outer surface, it can create floating conditions. This issue usually occurs when the pool’s water level is lowered.


Monitoring water levels through the winter-time

While the pool season is over, you should still perform regular maintenance to keep the water levels in the pool at their proper level.

To check the water level of your pool, pull back a corner of the pool cover and verify that the amount of water has not risen or decreased. If it seems off, try draining the pool or adding new water to bring the level up to normal.

Having a high-quality pool cover can help keep your pool’s water levels consistent. It’s also beneficial to prevent snow or rain from accumulating on the pool floor.



Winter pool maintenance is a must for a happy spring. Make sure your pool cover is clear of debris and keeping your water level up is key to a successful opening day.

Ideally, keep your water level just below the midway point of your skimmer. Doing so will keep it in balance with the groundwater and prevent it from freezing.



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