Water Chemistry When Closing a Pool for Winter

Different Types of Chemicals...

Winterizing your pool is important, as it can help keep it in top condition and extend its longevity. Doing so will keep you from spending money on maintaining it. Chemical treatments are used to keep the pool clean and healthy during winter. They will help keep it looking its best when the weather warms up.


Testing Levels

You should also check the chlorine levels in your pool to make sure that they are adequate for winter use. If you don’t have a testing kit, then you can always get one at any pool supply store. Having one on hand is a good idea. Doing so will allow you to get the most out of the testing equipment that you need.

Follow the instructions on the product and the letter will tell you how to perform them. Doing so will help ensure that the results are accurate.


pH Balance and Chlorine

A balanced pH is very important to the overall health of your pool. During the winter months, try to maintain a pH of between 7.2 and 7.6. You should also test alkalinity and calcium, which should be at 80-120ppm and 180-220ppm, respectively.

Ideally, your pool should have a Chlorine level of at 1-3ppm for the cold winter months. This is enough to keep the water balanced and ready to sit all winter. You can buy chlorine blocks and granules online or at pool supply stores. These chemicals are used to remove dirt and bacteria from the pool before it's too cold to use.


Other Chemicals

A popular chemical is algaecide, which will kill algae and prevent growth. Winterizing your pool can also help keep it clean.

Winterizing your pool can help prevent staining on the walls and floor by using stain prevention chemicals. These are especially beneficial in areas where there is hard water.


Buy Chemical Kits

A chemical kit is a commonly used method to buy pool chemicals. It allows people to get all the chemicals they need to effectively winterize their pools. You can buy different types of kits from various suppliers and get them in one place.

When shopping for chemicals online, you can find a variety of different brands and prices from each manufacturer. It’s important to do some soul searching to find the right products for your pool. Once you have done that, then take the time to shop for the best prices and chemicals for your pool.

Winterizing your pool is an important part of keeping it working properly. Having the proper chemicals in place will help keep it looking its best in the spring.



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