Leslie's - Perfect Weekly Triple Action Phosphate Remover

Leslie's Perfect Weekly is a multi-in-1 pool maintenance product that removes non-living organics and phosphates, while reducing water loss and improving the efficiency of your pool.


  • Cleans water
  • Removes phosphates
  • Conserves water & energy

Everyone knows that keeping their pools clean and clear is very important, but nobody wants to spend more than they have to. With Leslie's Perfect Weekly, you can save money and time by providing a triple action solution that's designed to remove phosphates, break down oils, and reduce water loss.

With Leslie's Perfect Weekly, you can easily add a capful of water to your pool skimmer every week to keep it clean and clear. This method is very easy to implement, and it can help keep your pool water looking its best.

The three key components of Leslie's Perfect Weekly are made by Natural Chemistry, a leading manufacturer of specialty water care products.

Leslie's Perfect Weekly Phosphate Remover

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Helps Prevent Algae Growth

NoPHOS phosphate remover is the first component of a pool filter system that removes algae food and other harmful substances from the water. It works by trapping the phosphates in the filter. Once the filter is cleaned or backwashed, the phosphates can be removed from the water using various sources such as pet dander, fertilizers, and tap water.

Getting rid of low phosphate levels in the water is the best way to prevent algae blooms. When the phosphate levels are low, the algae will only consume so much food to nourish itself, which severely limits its growth.

SMARTzyme Formula

The second component SMARTzyme is an enzyme that breaks down the oils and non-living organic components in the water. These contaminants can be introduced into the water by various products such as cosmetics, body oils, and suntan lotion.

Unfortunately, too much of the organic load in the water can use up the entire amount of chlorine used in the pool. This can create a struggle to maintain the levels of sanitizer that are needed to keep the water clean. By using enzymes regularly, the water can be reduced in organics, which can lengthen the life of the disinfectant.

The use of an enzyme in Leslie's Perfect Weekly can also help reduce the surface oils and waterline ring. It will leave the water clean and ready for everyone to enjoy.


The third component of this product is a thin layer of monomer that forms on top of the pool's surface. This prevents water evaporation and helps keep the pool cool. According to the US Department of Energy, water loss is the biggest source of energy loss in swimming pools.

Most of the time, water evaporation occurs at night, which causes the most heat loss. Having Leslie's Perfect Weekly will help you save money on your pool heating costs. It will also help prevent water loss and keep the pool cool. Besides reducing the cost of running your heater, Leslie's Perfect Weekly can also help lower your utility bills.

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Chemical Size: Liquid
Chemical Type: Algae Prevention, Algaecide, Chemical Solar Cover, Clarifier and Phosphate Removal
Container Size: Bottle:3 L
Dosage: 1 capful per 8,000 gallons
Eco-Friendly: YES
Manufacturer: Leslie's
Product Type: Pool Chemical
Product Dimensions: 4" Width x 11" Length x 6.5" Height
Product Weight: 6.736 lbs.


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