Keep Your Pool Cover Clean

Winter brings with it leaves, branches, and other debris that can fall on your inground pool cover. These things can make it look dirty and dangerous.

Although many safety pool covers meet the requirements for ASTM, it is not recommended that people walk on the covers while they're in use. To clean or clear a cover, use a broom, leaf blower, or a skimmer. These tools can be used to remove dirt and debris from the surface. To keep the leaf rake longer, tie it to the pool pole. Use the scoop to collect leaves and sticks. Once the leaves have fallen, remove the leaf catcher. This will typically happen several times throughout the winter. Use it during the fall season to ward off the leaves that are already beginning to fall.

If your pool cover is solid instead of mesh, remove any standing water from it by draining the pool using the pump.

This is also a good time to check the cover for any signs of U.V. decay, which can affect the safety features of a pool cover.

You can use a pool cleaner or a mild soap to clean the cover. If the cover is extremely dry, use a pool brush to remove it.

When it comes time to remove your inground pool cover, make sure to do so carefully. You can either hose it off or use a pump to remove any water that's still standing. Once the cover has been dry, fold it in half as many times as possible to make it fit into the bag provided. This method will help keep the cover organized. Put the bag high enough to not touch the floor. Or, put the storage bin in an airtight container to prevent rodents from accessing it.


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