How to Store Your Above-Ground Pool During the Winter. Part IV: 4 Steps How to Store an Inflatable or Intex Pool for the Winter

Although they’re more than capable of accommodating summertime guests, inflatable and Intex pool types are not suitable for cold winter seasons. Before we start taking down everything, we’ve got some important steps to take before you do.

1. Before you can take down your pool, make sure that it’s fully cleared out. There are some things to consider before you start taking it down. Ideally, your pool should be heated when it’s cold outside. However, if it’s below freezing, your storage should also be heated.

2. Intex pools with a frame can be disassembled. Just make sure that the frame is clean and ready to air dry. If it doesn't have a frame, try removing it with the owner's manual. Ideally, your pool liner should be dry no matter what type of pool frame you have. It should be placed in direct sunlight or on a hot day.

3. Once the liner has been dry, make sure to fold it into a neat square so that it can be reused in its original packaging. You can now throw the box into the trash and use a lidded storage container. If you have a manual, there are some instructions that will help you with folding and storing your liner.

4. You’re almost done with this project, but there’s still time to get done and disconnect the pump. Give it a bit of a rub down and let it air dry. Since most inflatable and Intex pool pumps have cartridge filters, this is a breeze to complete. Just submerge the cartridge in cleaning fluid and let it dry. If it's dirty, replace it.


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