Is It Possible to Use Chlorine Free Spa?

You probably hear this question a lot: "Can I run my spa without chlorine?". Unfortunately, the answer is usually no.

However, the real answer is Yes, it's possible to run a spa without chlorine or bromine. In order to make sure that the pathogens don't thrive, follow these simple steps.


Replace Your Filter Cartridge More Frequently

For most spas, I would recommend that the cartridge be replaced every 12 to 24 months. For those who prefer to go chlorine-free, I would also suggest that they double the frequency.

Some spa filters have more square footage. If you want to see more details, try searching for a specific size.

The more expensive spa cartridge has more pleats and therefore has a better filtering surface.


Drain Your Spa or Hot Tub More Frequently

The water in your spa should be drained out every 4-6 months, depending on the rate of usage and the condition of the water.

A non-chlorine spa cleaning product is also important to remove any buildup inside the pipes, jets, and hoses of your spa. This will prevent the build up of halogen residuals and create a biohazard in the water.


Ozone + Minerals

For a spa that doesn't use chlorine, I suggest using a mineral or ozone cleaner to kill the bacteria in the water. Then, add a spa ozonator or a mineral cleaner to the mix.

Ideally, check on your ozonator every few months to make sure that it's on and operating properly. It's also important to replace the cartridge as directed.


Non-Chlorine Shock

You can use mineral-based spa chemicals to treat the water. But, if the water is not treated, it will still smell bad.

My recommendation is to use a few drops of non-chlorine shock before every spa session to kill any microbes that can cause ozone or mineral treatment damage. This product is known as Zodiac Cense.


Keep Your Spa Water Balanced

Regardless of the type of spa sanitation method that you use, it is important to thoroughly clean and maintain the equipment and supplies of your spa.

Keep your pH level at or below 7.2, your alkalinity at 80-120 ppm, and your hardness at 180-220 ppm. Test your water at least twice per week to add water balance chemicals.


Shower Before Using the Spa

Some people treat their hot tub like a giant bathtub. They go in there to "clean off." This is not only unsanitary, it can also cause a spike in the water sanitizer demand.

Not everyone is going to agree to always shower before using the spa. However, if you do, be sure to give it a good jolt with MPS. This will help break down oils and organics and keep the water fresh.

You can safely operate a hot tub or spa without using chlorine and bromine by following these simple steps.


  If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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