Drawbacks and Benefits of Hot Tubs With a Lounger

When it comes to buying a hot tub or a spa, one of the most crucial questions that will come up is; should I get a lounger seat?

A hot tub lounger is a type of seat that features an integrated space for your feet and legs. This type of seat allows you to extend both your legs and feet out from the center of the body.

This article will walk you through the various advantages and drawbacks of a lounger seat.


What Are The Benefits of a Hot Tub Lounger?

A well-designed hot tub lounger can offer many advantages. Some of these include its ability to relax and enjoy various activities.

- Space to stretch out your legs

- Increased space for targeted leg and feet jets

- Sometimes, a poorly built hot tub with a small footwell can lead to foot wars among family and friends. This issue is solved with a lounger seat.

- A naturally relaxing laying position.


What Are The Drawbacks of a Hot Tub Lounger?

A lounger is not for everyone. In most cases, a person who has a hot tub with a lounger will end up with a second one without one. There are some disadvantages to owning a lounger.

- If your hot tub has a lounger, then it's likely to reduce the capacity of its seats by around two standard upright seats.

- Some loungers are made to be uncomfortable while others are made to be stylish. We always suggest that you sit in a hot tub dry before purchasing a set of loungers.

- Not all humans suit a lounger. If you are particularly small or tall, a lounger may not be suitable or comfortable.

- A lounger is arguably less sociable as it faces the side of the hot tub rather than inwards like a normal seat.


What Are The Alternative Seats to a Lounger?

An upright seat is the alternative to a lounge chair. These seats are more commonly used as lounger seats. Before buying, make sure to sit in a hot tub or have a wet test before going to a store.


Hot Tubs with Two Lounger Seats

Some hot tubs feature two loungers. This is because it avoids conflict between the family members and it's a great way to relax in the hot tub.


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