Intex and Coleman: Which Above-Ground Pool Is Better?

After many years of running through the endless pools and getting tired of the constant use of the sprinklers, you're ready to take the plunge and purchase an above-ground pool. With the right equipment and the fair prices, an above-ground pool can be a great investment.

Intex and Coleman are two of the leading producers of above-ground pools. We'll break down their products and give you the best choice for your needs.



Both Intex and Coleman are known for their products. Both companies make various types of products for camping. 

Intex also makes various types of products, such as rafts and hot tubs. Both companies have the necessary experience to keep their products looking and working for years.


These two companies have the necessary experience to keep their products looking and working for years. The designs of their products are simple to set up and maintain. Most models can be assembled in a couple of hours.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to buying a pool is the performance of the pump. Intex usually sells pools with underpowered pumps. You can usually replace this type of pump with something that works better.

Intex and Coleman have the most common type of cartridge pool filter that's used in above-ground pools. Although cartridge filters require regular maintenance, they can still perform a good job cleaning a smaller pool without too much trouble.


Although the prices of both companies are similar, Intex offers various lower-priced options than those offered by Coleman. These are not the high-quality products that you would expect from a major brand, but they can be found if you are looking for a bargain.


There are various designs available for both Intex and Coleman pools. Although both of these brands have models that look exactly like the photos, the Coleman is said to be easier to clean.

Although an above-ground pool may come with a ladder, it's usually a lower-grade ladder that's used for getting up and running. If you're planning on keeping the pool for a long time, you might want to consider getting a replacement ladder.

Before you buy a pool, make sure that both the ladder and pump are in good condition. Having both of these components replaced might make it worth it to spend a little more money on a more expensive pool.



The main issues were related to the connections between the pool area and the outside wall. Getting the connections tight enough can be hard since most people have never done it before. Another issue is having the pool area leveled before the structure is put down. Although this issue is not related to Intex, above ground pools will eventually have issues with maintaining their level pools.


The people who use these pools highly recommend them due to the ease of setup and maintenance. They also recommend having a pool vacuum and pump to keep the bottom clean. Unfortunately, there were many negative reviews about the pools due to their leaks. Although the standard models seem to leak rarely, the newer models with porthole windows tend to leak after a couple of years. However, there are still plenty of options that are not prone to leaks.

Which is Better?

There is no consensus when it comes to choosing between Intex or Coleman. The two brands have models that are very well-built and can endure a long time, while others have issues with leaks and are poorly reviewed.

If you are planning on buying a new home, it is important to compare the two brands' models and decide which one is better for you. In addition to price, features and overall performance, it is also important to consider how the customer experience is with the products.


One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing an above ground pool is the quality of the products from both Intex and Coleman. Both companies offer various styles and features that will help keep your yard looking its best.

Before you buy a pool, make sure that you thoroughly inspect the model to make sure that it has not been affected by leaks. You should also consider the pump and ladder upgrades that will be required in the future. If you are looking for a more affordable option, consider the Intex and Coleman kit.


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