How to Wire a Crystal Pure Salt System for 115V

This page provides a short tutorial on how to change the Crystal Pure Salt System from a 230V to a 115V configuration.The Crystal Pure Salt System is shipped from the factory wired for 230V. Many homes are set up with only 115V as a source of power. 

1. VIEW WARNING - Read the yellow warning label taped on the inside surface the panel door. It cautions you that the Crystal Pure Salt System is currently wired for 230V and will have to be reconfigured to run on 115V.

2. VIEW WIRING DIAGRAMS - Also on the inside door surface are two wiring diagrams showing the position of the jumper(s) for 120V(115V) operation and 240V operation.  In its current configuration for 240 operation, the Crystal Pure system is wired according to the right diagram showing a single jumper across the 2 and 3 terminals. To reconfigure the Crystal Pure system for 120V (115V) operation, refer to the diagram on the left showing two jumpers, one across the 1 and 2 terminals and the other across the 3 and 4 terminals.

3. LOCATE EXTRA JUMPER AND FUSE - The second jumper required for 115V operation is strapped to the inside surface of the panel door along with a spare fuse.

4. UNSCREW COVER PANEL - To access the system terminals, first unscrew the cover panel. It is secured with 2 screws.

5. LIFT OFF COVER PANEL - With the screws removed, insert your finger in the slot at the top of the panel and lift the panel cover up from the box.

6. LOCATE WIRING TERMINALS - The four wiring terminals are located in the lower left corner of the PC Board. Terminal 1 is at the top of the four terminals.

7. VIEW 230V WIRING SET UP - This picture shows the factory pre-set configuration with a single jumper across terminals 2 and 3.

8. UNSCREW 230V JUMPER - The first step in converting to 115V is to loosen the terminal 2 and 3 screws holding jumper 1.

9. REMOVE 230V JUMPER - Slide jumper 1 out from under the screws on terminals 2 and 3.

10. PLACE JUMPER ACROSS TERMINALS 1 & 2 - Loosen the screw at terminal 1 and slide jumper 1 under the terminals 1 and 2 screws. Tighten screws.

11. PLACE SECOND JUMPER ACROSS TERMINALS 3 & 4 - Loosen the screw at terminal 4 and slide jumper 2 under the screws at terminals 3 and 4. Tighten screws.

12. SLIDE CABLE THROUGH CABLE ADAPTER - Slide the three wires of the Crystal Pure system cable through the cable adapter.

13. CONNECT WHITE WIRE TO TERMINAL 1 - Attach the WHITE (neutral) wire around the screw at terminal 1.

14. CONNECT BLACK WIRE TO TERMINAL 4 - Attach the BLACK (hot) wire around the screw at terminal 4.

15. CONNECT GREEN WIRE TO GROUNDING LUG - Attach the GREEN (ground) wire around the grounding lug on the side of the control box.

16. REPLACE PANEL COVER - Replace and secure the Panel Cover.

17. PLUG POWER CABLE INTO 115V OUTLET - Plug the Crystal Pure system power cable into a 115V outlet.

18. View LEDs - In operational mode with water flowing through the pool system. The first two LEDs will light up green showing that the system has power and is generating chlorine.

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