How To Use the Game Sand Pro 50 Filter System.

There are 7 settings in the Game Sand Pro 50 Filter multiport valve : 1-Filtration, 2-Rinse, 3-Circulation, 4-Backwash, 5-Closed, 6-Purge/Drain, and 7-Winterize. This guide explains the function of these settings and then describes the sequence of settings to perform filter functions like cleaning your filter's sand and cleaning debris out of your pool.

1. An important word of CAUTION: ALWAYS TURN OFF THE PUMP BEFORE CHANGING VALVE SETTINGS (1.e. rotating the valve handle from filter to backwash, etc.). Changing valve settings while the pump is running can cause permanent damage to your valve and spider gasket within the valve. If you blow your spider gasket, water will leak (or pour) into unintended ports.

2. The 7 valve setting are labeled around the top of the valve as 1 through 7. The correlation of these number setting to filter functions is shown on the top side of the filter (e.g. 1 = Filtration, 2= Rinse, etc.).

3. 1- FILTRATION. This is the normal setting for filtering your pool water and for regular vacuuming. Water from the pool is pumped into the "IN" port to the top of the filter. Contaminates are removed as the water makes it way down through the sand to the bottom strainer and out the "OUT" port on its way back to the pool.

4. 2- RINSE. After backwashing, the sand is loose and needs to be reset. Also any dirty water from backwashing has to be rinsed out of the filter to waste to prevent it from returning to the pool. With the valve in rinse mode, water is directed from the "IN" port to the top of the tank to compress the sand. As in the filter setting, the water flows down though the Sand Filter Chamber and back up though the Filtered Water Chamber but instead of going out the "OUT" port to the pool, the water is diverted out the "WASTE" port.

5. 3- CIRCULATION. This setting is used to bypass the filter during certain pool cleanups and chemical treatments when you don't want the water contaminating the sand. Water enters the valve through the "IN" port and exits directly back to the pool through the "OUT" port without going through the sand.

6. 4- BACKWASH. After a period of time, the contaminates start to clog the sand to the point where water flow is significantly diminished and the pressure gauge rises 8 to 10 psi above normal operation readings. To clean out the contaminates, you have to backwash the sand. In the backwash setting water flow is reversed though the filter. Water comes from the "IN" port down to the bottom of the filter, then back up through the sand to flow out the top exit of the filter and out the "WASTE" port to an external drain. As the water flows up though the sand, the sand is lifted about 2 inches above its normal height releasing the trapped contaminates to be purged out in the waste water.

7. 5- CLOSED. This setting is used for shutting off all flow to the filter and pool. Water flow is stopped at the "IN" port. WARNING. DO NOT RUN THE PUMP IN THIS SETTING. Water under pressure will have nowhere to go.

8. 6- PURGE/DRAIN. This setting is used to bypass the filter when you want to vacuum large amounts of debris out of the pool, or after an algae treatment, or just to lower the pool level. The water enters the valve though the "IN" port and exits though the "WASTE" port.

9. 7- WINTERIZE. Use this setting when you are closing down the pool for the winter. This will allow water to drain from the valve. It also takes pressure off the internal valve components during storage. WARNING. DO NOT RUN THE PUMP IN THIS SETTING.

10. Common Filter Operation - The balance of this guide describes the sequence of valve setting required to accomplish some of the common filter operations.

11. Initial Start Up - After installation or after changing the filter's sand, you will want to clean the dust and very small particles out of the sand so that they do not go through the bottom strainer and cycle into the pool. 1-First turn the pump off, 2- place the valve in "5" - Closed position. 3- Allow the filter tank to fill with water. 4- Go to Backwash below.

12. Backwash - 1- Make sure the pump is off. 2- Place the valve in "4", Backwash position. 3- Turn on the pump. 4- Run the pump until the flush water is clean (usually 2-5 minutes). 5- turn off the pump. 6- Rotate the valve to "2", Rinse position. 8- Turn on the pump. 9- Run the pump for 1-2 minutes to settle the sand and remove any residue. 10- Rotate the valve to the "1", Filtration position. 11_ Turn the pump on. Add water to the pool with a garden hose to replace the water lost while cleaning the sand.

13. Cleaning Excess Debris - If you have excessive debris in you pool like after a storm or when first opening the pool, do not run this debris through the filter. Use a net to remove most of the debris and then follow this procedure: 1- Turn the pump off. 2- Rotate the valve to the "6", Purge/Drain position. #- Turn the pump on. 4- Vacuum the bottom of the pool with the debris flowing out the waste port. 5- Turn the pump off. 6- Rotate the valve to "1", Filtration. 7- Turn the pump on.

14. Cleaning Strainer Basket - To clean the hair and debris out of the strainer basket: 1- Shut off poser to the pump. 2- Close the shutoff valves or block the water at the pool inlet port. 3- Rotate the valve to the "5", Closed position. 4- Remove the strainer cover by unscrewing the collar. 5- Take out the strainer basket and clean it. 6- Replace the basket and screw the collar back on. 7- Open the shutoff valves of unblock the pool inlet port. 8- Rotate the valve to the "1". Filtration position. 9- Turn power on to the pump.

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