How To Choose Above Ground Pool Covers

Selecting which Above Ground Pool Cover is right for your above ground pool can be a hard decision to make. Which above ground pool cover is right for you is dependent on what you need your above ground pool cover for. Are you closing your above ground pool for the winter? Are you looking for a temporary cover to keep your above ground pool protected from such things as leaves or other harsh debris? Or maybe you are looking to keep the warmth in your above ground pool. This advice will help you decide which above ground pool cover fits your needs.

1. Determine what you need from your above ground pool cover. Above Ground Winter Swimming Pool Covers are used to keep your pool safe from what fall and winter bring to your Above Ground Pool. Winter Swimming Pool Covers keep everything from rain water, snow, and leaves out of your pool. Mesh Winter Covers keep leaves and small debris out of your pool and let water pass through the above ground pool cover so you do not require a cover pump. Pool Leaf Covers keep leaves and larger debris out of your above ground pool. Above Ground Pool EZ drain covers have a built in drainage system that allows you to remove damaging excess water weight from your winter pool cover without the need of a pump, unlike the mesh cover the water does not return to the pool; the excess water drains outside of the pool eliminating messy clean up in the spring. Solar Blankets for Above Ground pools help retain heat at night and can warm your pool by up to 15 degrees.

2. Once you determine what type of cover you need you will need to select what model cover you require. In this step we will explain the differences between each model blanket in each cover category. The first category we will discuss is above ground pool solar covers also called above ground pool solar blankets. Above Ground pool solar covers come in clear and blue. The clear is thicker, has a longer warranty and heats the pool better. Above Ground Pool winter covers come in 4 Grades Bronze, Silver, Gold and ArmorKote. The difference between these above ground pool covers is the thickness of the cover and the warranty. Above Ground Pool Leaf covers come in a Silver and Gold grade and once again the difference is the warranty and the tightness of the weave of the cover. If you decide to go with an EZ Drain above ground pool cover or Mesh cover there is only one model in each of these categories.

3. Once you decide on which above ground pool cover you require you will then need to figure out where you will purchase your above ground pool cover. Typically online retailers are great choice for Above Ground Pool Covers as online retailers offer a huge selection of above ground pool covers at discounted prices.

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