How To Use a Pool Skimmer

A typical pool will have one or two skimmers like this American Products skimmer. Its purpose is to skim off the debris that floats on the top of a pool and to filter it from going into the pump. Although this guide makes specific references to a Americal Products skimmer, much of the information provided is common to all skimmers.

1. This picture shows the main parts of an American Products skimmer (p/n 987004) embedded in the side of a pool.

2. The skimmer operates on the suction side of the pool pump. Surface debris is sucked into the skimmer and collected in the skimmer basket. The weir at the front of the skimmer opening is a tilting gate that keeps debris in the basket from returning to the pool when the pump is shut off.

3. To clean debris out of the basket, first turn off your pump then remove the cover by lifting up on its edge. It should lift off easily.

4. Remove the basket by lifting it straight up out of the skimmer cylinder.

5. Clean the skimmer basket with a hose. DO NOT knock the basket on the concrete to dislodge the debris. The basket will eventually break. 

6. Replace the basket all the way down into the cyclinder. 

7. Check the operation of the weir. The gate should move back and forth easily. If the weir is broken or does not move freely, it may have to be replaced.

8. The weir pivots on two pegs at the bottom of the weir. To remove the weir, push the top of the weir all the way forward into the pool and lift one bottom corner off its peg. This will free the weir from its pegs.

9. To replace the weir, lay the weir flat and place the lower corners over the pegs at the bottom of the skimmer opening. Press both corners onto the pegs and rotate the top of the weir up.

10.  Replace the skimmer cover.  

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