How to clean a pool skimmer

This guide will help you to find and remove a clog from your skimmer line.If your skimmer is operating correctly then it should be scooping up that nitty-gritty debris from your pool's surface. But sometimes that debris can form a clog in the skimmer's line over time. 

1. The first and most important thing before unclogging your skimmer is the consideration of safety. To help ensure this be sure that you pool pump has been turned off. And if possible cut power to the motor to prevent an accidental start.

2. Now that our area is safe we will want to remove the pool skimmer lid. The Cover is usually held in by a couple of screws. Some may be held in place by a twist-lock fastener. Remove this lid and place it to the side.

3. Before sticking your hand into the skimmer survey the skimmer for any sharp object or possibly emails. if the skimmer has been out of order for an extended period of time something may have made the basket its home.

4. Seeing that we are free from any hazard, find the skimmer basket handle. Pull the basket out and pour the contents into a trash can or into bucket to be discarded later. it may be a little unsavory but sift through the basket debris for any valuables that may have been lost. A little bit of sifting may help you find that earring you thought was long gone.

5. Now that the first tier of debris has been cleared now let's look down into the basket holder. Leaves and other debris can slip into the cracks between the basket and the skimmer wall and get trapped here.

6. This step will require a plumbing snake. Run the plumbing snake line into your skimmer's piping until you hit a significant bump. At first you may think it is a turn in the pipe. Try a couple times to push by it. if that doesn't work then you have more than likely found your clog.

7. Begin to wind the snake to break the clog. This may need to be done for a couple of minutes for heavy clogs. You may also need to re-adjust the snake as the clog breaks up to be sure your snake is still in contact with the debris.

8. Remove your plumber's snake and discard whatever debris comes with its removal.

9. Replace the parts of your skimmer in their correct order, i.e. basket, lid, and lid screws.

10. Reconnect your pool pump and begin filtering. You may hear a woosh of water as the clog is released by the sudden surge of water. After a short period, we suggest you turn off your pump to clean out your pump basket or backwash your filter. All the debris we did not remove with the snake will be headed toward them so make sure that debris is removed once and for all.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help! 

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