How To Use a Goldline/Hayward Pool Valve Actuator

The GVA-24 Goldline/Hayward Pool Valve Actuator has two O-rings seals on the Actuator's shaft. These O-rings seals should be lubricated once a year. This guide explains you where these O-rings seals are located and how to lubricate them.

1. TURN OFF THE PUMP - Turn off the power to the pump.

2. TURN OFF THE ACTUATOR - Put the toggle switch on the underside of the Actuator in the OFF position. Remember which ON setting your Actuator was set [ON1 or ON2].

3. REMOVE LOCKING KNOB - Unscrew the valve Locking Knob off the top off the Actuator.

4. REMOVE VALVE HANDLE - Lift off the Valve Handle. Note the location of the small tab and slot on the Handle and Shaft. This is how they will line up when you put the Handle back on.

5. REMOVE ACTUATOR OFF VALVE - Unscrew the 4 screws that hold the Actuator on top of the Valve and lift the Actuator off the Diverter Valve.

6. LUBRICATE TOP O-RING - Lightly lubricate around the Actuator Shaft where it enters the Cover. This will provide lubricant to the top O-ring. Use a silicon or teflon based lubricant.

7. REINSTALL HANDLE - Align the Handle tabs with the slots in the Actuator Shaft and slide the Handle onto the Shaft.

8. REPLACE LOCKING KNOB - Screw the Locking Knob back into the Shaft. Only tighten ONE TURN.

9. DISENGAGE THE ACTUATOR GEAR TRAIN - Push down on the Locking Knob to disengage the Gear Train and allow the Handle and Shaft to be moved freely. The bottom of the shaft will protrude from the bottom of the Actuator.

10. LUBRICATE BOTTOM O-RING - Turn the Actuator over and lightly lubricate around the Actuator Shaft where it protrudes from the bottom of the Actuator. This will provide lubricant to the bottom O-ring.

11. SPREAD LUBRICANT - Turn the Handle all the way around to spread the lubricant.

12. RE-ENGAGE THE GEAR TRAIN - Pull up on the Handle and rotate it until it clicks back into place.

13. TIGHTEN LOCKING KNOB - Screw the Locking Knob all the way down.

14. ALIGN ACTUATOR SHAFT WITH VALVE DIVERTER SHAFT - Look at the tabs in the hole on the bottom of the Actuator. Align the smallest tab in the Actuator hole with the smallest slot on the Valve Shaft.

15. SLIDE ON ACTUATOR - Turn the Actuator over and, with it aligned to the Shaft, slide the Actuator onto the Shaft of the Valve.

16. ALIGN ACTUATOR WITH VALVE - If necessary rotate the Actuator so that the holes at the top of the Actuator line up with the holes on the top of the Diverter Valve.

17. SECURE ACTUATOR TO VALVE - Using the four long screws that came with the Actuator (removed above), secure the Actuator to the top of the valve. Do not over tighten.

18. TURN THE ACTUATOR ON - Move the Toggle Switch from OFF to the ON position that the Actuator was originally set [ON1 or ON2].

19. TURN PUMP ON - Switch ON power to the pump.

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