How To Store Your Pool Chemicals Properly

In this guide you will learn how to keep your pool chemicals properly. Pool ownership is a luxury as well as a responsibility. Proper chemical storage is often overlooked. Pool chemicals are hazardous and improper handling and storage can be very dangerous. Here a few steps to make sure you're storing your chemicals the right way.

1. Following a few simple steps will make certain that your swimming pool is enjoyable and safe at all times. Always follow the chemical label instructions. Feel free to wear gloves, a mask and goggles when handling pool chemicals. Better safe than sorry.

2. Chemicals should always be stored in the containers they came in. You should never put pool chemicals in another container. Doing so can cause an inadvertent chemical reaction.

3. Pool chemicals should always be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated location. I've heard stories of people fainting because they stored their chlorine inside of a garage (in the summer) and passed out because of the chlorine gas. Aside from being dangerous, chlorine gas can cause materials around it to become brittle and rust.

4. Keep incompatible chemicals separate from each other. Liquids should not be stored on top of solids, acids should be stored away from chlorine, etc. Also keep the containers of of the floor if possible.

5. Always reseal the lid to the containers after use. It only takes a drop of water to begin a chemical reaction with most pool chemicals. Also if the storage area can be locked, do so. This will prevent children and animals from gaining access to the area.

6. Store pool chemicals away from a heat source, electric source or an area prone to flooding. Certain chemicals are oxidizers meaning they release oxygen. If a fire were to occur, it could quickly spread due to the abundance of oxygen the chemicals can release. If available, keep a copy of the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on hand.

7. Lastly, make sure each chemical has its own labeled measuring cup. Measuring cups are inexpensive and provide an accurate way to measure your pool chemicals.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help! 

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