How To Specify Compupool CPSC Timers

The following guide is to show how to specify compupool CPSC timers.The Compupool CPSC Control Unit has the option of working off an external timer or off of two internal timers. This function allows you specify using an external timer only or to set two internal timers to generate two chlorination cycles per day.

1. ENTER TIMER MODE - To enter the timer mode, press the SELECT button and hold it for 3 seconds. The Display screen will ask WHAT LANGUAGE?

2. SELECT LANGUAGE - Select a language with the up and down arrows.

3. SELECT TIMER - Press SELECT again. The Display will now show WHICH TIMER? EXTERNAL.

4. SELECT EXTERNAL - If you want to bypass the internal timers, press SELECT to go to the next setting (SET CLOCK).

5. SELECT INTERNAL TIMERS - If you want to set the internal timers, press the down arrow to change the setting to INTERNAL.

6. SELECT TIMER 1 - Press the SELECT button again to display ON TIME 1.

7. SET TIMER 1 ON HOURS- Select the start time hours for Timer 1 with the up/down arrows. To change AM to PM, you have to keep scrolling through the hours until you get to the AM or PM setting you need.

8. SET TIMER 1 ON MINUTES - To set the start time minutes, use the right OUTPUT arrow to move the cursor from under the hours to under the minutes and then change minutes with the up/down arrows.

9. SELECT TIMER 1 OFF TIME - Press the SELECT button to display OFF TIME 1 – set the hours and minutes off time for Timer 1 like you did for ON TIME 1 above.

10. SET TIMER 2 - Press SELECT to display ON TIME 2. Set TIME 2 ON TIME and OFF TIME using the same process as above for ON TIME 1 and OFF TIME 1.

11. COMPLETE INTERNAL TIMERS - press SELECT once more to SET CLOCK. A final push on SELECT will exit and return your Display to normal operation mode.

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